February 17th 2012
Dear Journal

So its mandatory that I write a journal entry everyday. I have to tell what I did and what I accomplished and whatever other nonsense I completed today. Its just another dumb thing to not look vorwärts-, nach vorn to doing everyday. Just like the job I was made to get. Doctor Hawkins sagte it would be good for me to put myself into the human society. Yeah just what I wanted. To be surround Von the beings that I don't even want to be around.

What I do is carry mail on this little karte, warenkorb thing from one floor to the Weiter floor of the some big company I don't care to learn the name of. I do know that there are a lot of computers. You'd think that since there were so many computers they wouldn't need this paper mail. I feel like a damn pack mule, always balling around this cart, and the people! I could easily kill every damn one of them. They're stuck up demanding pricks.

I did however meet a person I liked. Sadly I'm not suppose to like her, because she is parole officer. Yes because that's just what I need. Another human telling me what I can't do. With her though that's not the case. She told me to not do anything that would get me in trouble, and that was it. No telling me not to bite people, oder go wolf and attack Zufällig dogs. After just one time of seeing her I find that I actually like this human. Yeah yeah doctor Hawkins aren't Du proud? The lycanthrope has learned to like a human. Time to sound the happy alarms and chorus of glowing white Engel ready to embrace me with open arms for a job well done. I expect to see that when I come in for my daily visit tomorrow.

God I really hate Schreiben these stupid journals. This is only my Sekunde one and I can't stand it. I could so be sleeping right now. oder better yet eating! Speaking of eating what's with all this damn cooked food? Damn people wont let me eat it raw. I just want a piece of raw meat, but no they can't even let me have that one pleasure!

Whatever I'm done with this entry. I hate doing this so much.

Signed the one that hates Du most,
The Hatred Filled Lycanthrope