[from the trailer]
Quorra: Your father was the creator.
Sam Flynn: Where do I find him?
Quorra: Make it there alive. And he'll find you.

Quorra: [Quorra is Wird angezeigt Sam the book collection] Just between Du and me, Jules Verne is my favorite. Do Du know Jules Verne?
Sam Flynn: Sure.
Quorra: What's he like?

[last line]
Quorra: What's Weiter Sam?
Sam Flynn: Guess we're suppose to change the world.
Sam Flynn: Come on, I want to Zeigen Du something.
[boards motorcycle]

Quorra: [talking to Sam, in Flynn's guest room at his safehouse] There's someone I once knew. A program named Zeus, who fought alongside the ISOs. I, haven't seen him in a long time. But they say, he still runs the underground, manages the dissident factions, forges data, for the rogue programs. Moves them around the grid. They say he can get anyone, anywhere.
Sam Flynn: Where do I find him?
Quorra: [hands Sam a glowing data disc] This is his sector. Make it there alive, and he'll find you.

Quorra: We have a guest.
Kevin Flynn: They're are no guests, my apprentice. Not anymore.
Quorra: Look.
[jerks her head for Flynn to look behind him]
Sam Flynn: [Sam steps vorwärts-, nach vorn to greet the figure. As his foot hits the first tile, the room lights up. The figure stands and turns around. Sam gasps] Dad?
Kevin Flynn: [stares in disbelief] Sam...
Sam Flynn: Long time...
Kevin Flynn: Du have no idea.
[walks across the room to stand in front of Sam]
Kevin Flynn: Your, You're here?
[Sam looks at his father in disbelief. Flynn gasps, and embraces his son, hugging him tightly]
Kevin Flynn: You're here!
Sam Flynn: [Sam does not reach up to return the embrace. Confused and in disbelief, instead, he stands, being held Von his father] I'm here.
Kevin Flynn: [hugs Sam tighter, then slowly releases and steps back] You're big.
Sam Flynn: [looks up and down at his father, bewildered] You're...
Kevin Flynn: [nods, and finishes his son's statement] Old.
Quorra: [Quorra watches the renuion in wonder]
Sam Flynn: [nods his head, smiling, choking back tears]
Kevin Flynn: [nods his head in understanding] We have a lot to catch up on. Tonight. Over dinner. We'll talk.
[turns and walks onto the balcony]
Quorra: [approaches Sam] He never thought he'd see Du again.
Sam Flynn: [Sam nods and looks in his father's direction]

Quorra: [Sam has just been rescued Von Quorra. She holds out her hand in a handshake while driving] I'm Quorra!
Sam Flynn: [looks back at the pursuing light cycles] They're turning around!
Quorra: Not Von choice. Their vehicles aren't designed to go off grid. They'll not function on this terrain.
Sam Flynn: What about us?
Quorra: Ha Ha! Obviously not.
Sam Flynn: Where are Du taking me?
Quorra: Patience, Sam Flynn. All of your Fragen will be answered soon.