"How did Du find him?" Sam asked, looking at his father then back to Quorra.
She stood up, trying to avoid the Frage and started to walk away.
"Its Okay" Sam sagte behind her, "I know." She sighed and looked back to him in a panic, then back to the stars, begining her story.
"It was during the perge. Clu was relentless. Black guards were executing Isos in the streets. Everyone I knew, disappeared. Then they came for me.. So I ran. Some less sympathetic programs smuggled me out of the city, and soon they had me surrounded. I prepared for the end.... Then just as everything was going dark.. I felt a hand on my shoulder.." Sam had now walked up Weiter to her and looked at her in awe, then back at his father who meditated, oder 'knocking on the sky' as Kevin called it.
Quorra grined, :"... And when I opened my eyes.. Standing above me.. Was the creator. Your father. He saved me.... I guess Du could say I was a rescue".
"Wow" Sam breathed, then smiled at her lovingly.