Andy and his Friends were sitting in a bar. There was no one but them. Andy was holding his phone in his hands and looked from lincoln to Justin. “You guys really want to do this?”
lincoln waved with his taped hand and shot Andy an angry look.
“I’ll take that as a yes” Andy sagte and he dialed a number.
At Daphne’s house the phone started ringing. Cas, who was still awake, lifted his head. He had heard this sound before and he had seen how Daphne oder Zoey had responded to it. There was absolutely nothing to it. And so he walked toward the ringing object and picked up the horn.
“Emmanuel, this is Andy speaking. Du know, Daphne’s cousin” Andy started. Before Cas could actually say something he continued. “Look, man, I think we kind of started off the wrong foot. Let’s start over. Do Du know the schloss Café?”
There was a Minute long silence, because Cas didn’t realize Andy had stopped talking and was waiting for Cas to answer.
“I have never heard of a place like that” Cas eventually replied.
“Well, it’s really easy to get there. Du have a pen and paper?” Andy said.
“Yes” Cas answered short.
“Okay, this is how Du get there” Andy started. “You’re in Allen Street. Go south-east to Front Street. Du take the first straße on your right, that’s Front Street. Turn right to 5th Street, then left to Wilcox Street. Number 403 is where we’ll be waiting for you. Don’t let us down”
Before Cas could say anything else Andy had hung up on him.
“You reckon he’s taken the bate?” Justin asked.
“I know he did” Andy sagte confident. He got up. “Well, we have no business staying here any longer. Let’s go to my place. I have some girls there who are craving for my attention”
That being sagte he and his Friends left the bar.
The door to the ladies opened and Meg appeared.
“Oh, boy, toying with poor, innocent Castiel” she sagte threatening. “That is my job”