Prue originally has the power to Bewegen objects with her mind oder telekinesis.Her telekinesis was originally focused Von squinting her eyes; later, she learned to channel the ability with her hands.As her powers developed, she later acquired the skill of Astral Projection, the ability to project her soul from her body in a tangible state on the physical plane. In this state, the original Prue becomes unconscious while her soul projects into a concrete body. (Although in the episode Primrose Empath she awoke and smiled at her astral self)This power is triggered when she wants to be in two different places at once. Prue's astral self is identical with herself except that she doesn't have the original Prue's telekinetic power.While Prue's astral self is normally tangible, she can apparently become intangible in this state if she wished, as when she projected herself into the "unstoppable" demon Vinceres. She was also shot Von a stalker in astral form but unaffected. It's also been seen that injuries sustained Von Prue do not appear on her astral self. When a stalker rendered Prue nearly blind Von thrusting her face in a pan of photographic developer, her astral self showed no signs of the injury oder the impairment, which were obvious on Prue's actual form.

The limits of Prue's telekinetic powers were unclear, but she appeared to be able to Bewegen up to 400 pounds (180 kg) with her mind, sufficient to lift and throw two normal sized adults. She very seldom used her powers in complex manipulations (one example of such is in episode 'Secrets and Guys' from Season 1, when the sisters are spring cleaning in the attic), and never when affecting adult human-sized objects, preferring to simply lift and throw. Like her sisters, her powers were linked to her emotions. In Prue's case, the trigger was anger.Once, while frustrated Von a crowd obstructing her passage to the hospital to transport the mortally wounded Piper, she telekinetically hurled several people out of the way, up to two at a time, in rapid succession. This incident also marked the first and last time she employed her power on innocents. Prue's telekinetic powers depended on a direct line of sight, oder at least an intimate knowledge of the object's location in order to be manipulated. She could not telekinetically Bewegen an object if she didn't at least have an idea of where it was. In any case, she had to be in the object's immediate vicinity.

It should also be noted that Prue's telekinetic powers were not the strongest in the family line. An ancestor of hers, Brianna, reportedly was able to telekinetically Bewegen a sword (belonging to one of the Lords of War, Gabriel) "hundreds of miles,"a feat which Prue admitted she probably couldn't duplicate. In a visit to the past, Grams, believing Prue, Piper and Phoebe to be warlocks, telekinetically maneuvered them in a complex path to expel them from the manor. Prue had never moved Mehr than two at a time, and never performed anything Mehr complex than lifting and throwing with Mehr than one person.

In a trip to the future, Prue blasted out an entire Wand of the attic,showing her future self's telekinetic powers to be several times Mehr powerful than she had ever displayed up until the time she died. The destruction of the attic was an accident brought on Von a fit of pique, and not necessarily indicative of her limits. It is unknown how much Prue could have moved had she made a deliberate effort to test her powers.

In "Primrose Empath", she accidentally blew up the küche microwave using her telekinesis which was temporarily strengthened due to her acquired empathic powers. This would also tie into the Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen reference to the importance of magic based on emotions, and that being able to channel such feelings would make one invincible.
Prue first using her astral projection powers in the season 2 episode "Ms. Hellfire"

In contrast to the limits on her telekinetic powers, she could astrally project herself several miles away and didn't need to know anything about the destination. She once projected herself to Cole's side without intimate knowledge of his location. While kidnapped Von Bane Jessup, she could astrally project herself to the manor to alert her sisters, without knowing the direction and distance.In "Primrose Empath", during her battle with the empathic demon, Prue was conscious in both her astral self and regular self simultaneously. While some Fans believe it was simply an effect of the empathy, Prue no longer had empathy during that moment, since the empathy was hauled from her after she defeated the demon. Prue never exercised this ability again; however, it was possibly an indication of her limits when astral projecting.[citation needed] Phoebe, when using a spell to simulate Prue's astral projection powers, once projected herself to the Underworld to provoke demons. Prue had never attempted to project herself into the Underworld oder any other realm.

When Phoebe takes a trip to the past it is shown that Prue (in a past life) had the ability of cryokinesis. She was able to project a wolke of super-chilled vapor, which she could direct Von raising her hand to her lips and blowing across it. This wolke appeared to be highly cohesive, since it did not dissipate in the air, nor seem to significantly lower the temperature of the room. However, it dramatically lowered the temperature of solid objects on contact, as seen when a Wand and light fixture struck with this wolke instantly iced over. Ice crystals and snow were observable in this cloud, possibly due to freezing water droplets in the air, indicating that this vapor would also freeze liquids. gegeben the rate at which solid objects froze upon contact with this cloud, the temperature must have been subarctic extremes.

Prue, being the eldest sister, saw herself as the head of the household; she was conservative, cautious and disliked surprises,and it was often left to the middle sister Piper to arbitrate between Prue and Phoebe, whom Prue regarded as immature, irresponsible and unpredictable. Their destiny as Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen Ones drew the two sisters closer together,as well as Phoebe's intimate knowledge of the Book of Shadows