Private Practice Private Practice Caption Contest! [Round 2]

laughingGrl posted on Jan 03, 2010 at 05:45AM
chameron-lvr & I like the caption contests so here it is! This is on a bunch of other spots so why don't we try it here!! :)

For those who aren't familiar with this contest, here is a little explanation:
chameron-lvr or I take a screencap of Private Practice from any episode in any season, and you need to write your own explanation to what's going on on the screencap.
To find the winner, I'll make a pick so you can all choose the winner of every round.
Understood? :)

Here is some basic rules:
1. Every round is one week long. Every Sunday chameron-lvr or I will put a new screencap and then will make a pick. The pick will be open for a week as well.

2. You can only post ONE entry per person.

3. Use the following for your entry:
For saying: just plain text.
For doing: *text inside stars*
For thinking: //text inside dashes//

4. Please don't copy the entries. Think of something original, don't take ideas from other users.

5. Don't make the entry too long. Use AT LEAST 10 lines per entry. Please don't make it longer than that.

6. You can change your entry if you want, as long it's done before the deadline.

7. Post you entries on the screecap page, NOT HERE.

List of winners:

Round One:link - laughingGrl
Round Two:link
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr laughingGrl said…
next picture is TBA
Vor mehr als einem Jahr laughingGrl said…
Round Three screencap is TBA