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Jade Chynoweth is the one on the right that was in the Mindless Behavior Video " Girlz Talkin Bout" :)
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posted by avanzant12
So it is 3:40 in the morning i am up eating some left over hamburger and fires Now I am 9 months so I could go at any time rite now.
Jacob pov who got that küche light own and I turn it off and who would be up at 3 in the morning .
Jacob walking down stairs to see who was in the küche . It was his blow pow girlfriend Lexi 😍😜
Me Hey hunn Du want sme :-)
Jacob no LOL babe why Du don't tell mhe Du was in the küche
Me cuz Du was peaceful and sweet I don't wont to mess with Du
Jacob aww Du so thoughtful 😍
Me ik rite (Finna get up and my water broke)
Jacob wat Du say
Me Jacob my...
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posted by avanzant12
So i was ryding in my car listen to my Musik and enjoy it ,then i pull up two my houes ,and i honk own my horn so that lil brat could cme lil sis khylee she came out wilth her lilttle suit case ,then she got in the car and so we head off to her Friends houes which is mya and lauar they r twins and they r so cute lol. I drop her then i head off to the store to buy mhe sme new clothes and shoes ,and other girle stuff lol.
Mhe in body central jus shoping and look around ,and i bump into my friend tamar , mhe Hey girl how r Du doing tamar jus fine rasin this children !,mhe girl how they...
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posted by MrzProdigy_MB
Jayde: *sighs hard*
Me; waht are u sighing about
Jayde; remeber the boy yesterday
Me; waht bout him
Jayde: i cant get him off my mind
Me; jayde?? Snap out of it
Jayde; i cant he is just so amazing and cute
Me; mmm u do no his my ex right
Jayde; yeah but u broke up wit him
Me; I no but...
Jayde; u still have feelings for him
Me; yes
Jayde; but i have a crush on him
Me; i no its ok
Jayde; really?
Me; yeah cause he kinda thinks ur cute
Jayde; *screams*
Me; *laughs*

*door glocke rings and i answer the police was at the front*
Me; can i help u officer?
Police; is dis the house of Jayde Flecha
Me; yeah shes inside
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posted by rocroyalsister
Last time we met it was when I sagte it happened.So me and my
Boo was gone to the park.Baby nysia ,brisa,lisa, so I sagte Du guys go play and do not kill anyone so my boo sagte I llove going to the park I sagte this is rell nice so my sister came to the park she Du have to pay me I sagte do I real have to pay she sagte yes Du have to pay so I gave her 567 dollar so my boo
was kisss me I sagte stop we have people looking at me he sagte I don't care let me kisss Du I sagte ok baby Du can give me one kisss so nysia came to me she sagte can I have so money I sagte get your money she sagte I don't have...
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