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Hey first of All (T-mays = ME)
t-mays; Hey strahl, ray
ray still ignoreing me
t-mays; why r u ignoring me
ray still ignoring me
t-mays; r u still jelous
ray; no
t-mays; u finaly answerd
prince; whats wrong baby
t-mays; nothin
prince; strahl, ray what ya do to her
t-mays; princeton stop he did nothin
prince; why r u upset
t-mays; im not um can we go somwhere thats not here
prince; K lets gofor a walk in the park
t-mays; yeah lets go
prince; "WoW"
t-mays; what
prince; oh nothin
we went to the park and walked around then we brought Eis prince had peppermint Eis and i had vanilla we went back to mb house to see what...
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omg princeton
Mindless Behavior
princeton omg
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