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posted by Princetonlove01
Princetons dressing room
Prince: so umm what was up with Du callin me and hangin up?? Mya: oh that was my cousin Tuliyah. she didnt believe that i actually met you. we have history of prankin each other. laughs Prince: oh so…that girl…shes your cousin?? Mya: yeah why? Prince: because i think strahl, ray might be fond of her. laughs Mya: laughs i guess. Prince: um…were gonna be here for a while so how about we hang out tomorrow and the Tag after that until we leave?? Mya: how long is that exactly?? Prince: chuckles um maybe a week idk…maybe longer. Mya: okay ill think about it. anyways did Du see where my cousin went??
RayRays dressing room
Rays (POV) man this girls is pretty, no hot, no sighs beautiful. I wonder what she thinks of me. Tuliyah: um are Du okay?? Ray: Du have a beautiful voice. WAIT!- Tuliyah: um thanks. Ray: sighs youre welcome smiles Tuliyah: okay um i have to go find my cousin. bye Ray: WAIT can i um have your number?? Tuliyah: i dont know i really know Du that well so ill think about it. Ray: how about i give Du mine and when Du change your mind…and trust me Du will…you can call me. Tuliyah: well Du bounce back from embarrassment fast. Ray: thank you. Mya: um Lee my dad is outside waitin for us. Tuliyah: kay. bye Ray. Ray: bye. the girls leave an Princeton walks in. Prince: now whos got it bad sits down Weiter to strahl, ray Ray: still Du man. I might have a chance with Whats-Her-Name’s cousin Tuliyah. Prince: MYA! HER NAME IS MYA! now get it through your thick skull! Ray: gasp hurtful! Prince: yeah w.e. Ray: too bad she aint even stuntin Du Prince: yeah but i think thats why i like her so much she doesnt want the fame oder the money- Ray: oder Du Prince: w.e. but idk shes different…i like different. Ray: oh i see but…SHE DOESNT WANT YOU! Prince: she agreed to hang out with me while were here. Ray: really?? huh. Prince: shes something else sighs an leans back Ray: smh shakes his head
Tacos! and love/peace
☮ ♥ :].
I hope Du Liebe this video & please put Kommentare & please no bad Kommentare & thank Du & have a nice day!!!!!!
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apr 13 2013
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