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( mine ^)
2 months later, mb's house:
ok so me , t-t , vickie , and nyje were in the küche in the middle of the night.
" soo we should have a girls night out!!!" i exclaimed
" yeah i mean i be taken care of trey's baby ..... hell yeah i wanna go out!!!" exclaimed t-t
" wow u sound like my mom " sagte nyje.
" i k r" i said
" i d c" sagte t-t
" on friday???" asked vickie
" yeah!!" we all said
" but... but dont the boyz have a konzert on friday" sagte vickie
" no thats Weiter friday!!" i said
" o" she said
then the boyz walked in .
" whats y'all talkin 'bout???" aske prodigy
" well babe jenet thinks we should have a girls night out" snitched nyje
" Hey i sagte we should have a girls night out to!!!" exclaimed t-t
" see her idea!!" i sagte while pointing to t-t
" its not a bad idea......." sagte roc
" yeah when is it??? " asked princeton
" this friday" sagte vickie
" dang we have a konzert this friday" exclaimed strahl, ray ray
" told y'all so" teased vickie
" stfu vickie" sagte t-t
" wait no problem i know a perfect babbies sitter!!!!! " i sagte all excitedly
" give me your phone princey" i said
" girl use your own phone!!!" he said
" mine is in my room!!!" i shouted
" ok" he said

" hello mrs.peters??"
" Hey who is this???" she asked
" its jenet .on friday can u baby sitt 4 babbies???? " i asked
" sure child" she said
" thanx bye" i said
i hung up.
i gave princeton back his phone.
" to bad y'all wont b at our concert...." sagte prodigy
" we always go to your concerts" sagte nyje
" i know but its at the place we first met" sagte prince
" aww" we all said
" yeah but i wasnt there!!!" shouted nyje
" yeah we know u came late" teased t-t
we went to go pick out our outfits.......
( vickie v)
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