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( mine ^)
2 months later, mb's house:
ok so me , t-t , vickie , and nyje were in the küche in the middle of the night.
" soo we should have a girls night out!!!" i exclaimed
" yeah i mean i be taken care of trey's baby ..... hell yeah i wanna go out!!!" exclaimed t-t
" wow u sound like my mom " sagte nyje.
" i k r" i said
" i d c" sagte t-t
" on friday???" asked vickie
" yeah!!" we all said
" but... but dont the boyz have a konzert on friday" sagte vickie
" no thats Weiter friday!!" i said
" o" she said
then the boyz walked in .
" whats y'all talkin 'bout???" aske prodigy
" well babe jenet thinks we should have a girls night out" snitched nyje
" Hey i sagte we should have a girls night out to!!!" exclaimed t-t
" see her idea!!" i sagte while pointing to t-t
" its not a bad idea......." sagte roc
" yeah when is it??? " asked princeton
" this friday" sagte vickie
" dang we have a konzert this friday" exclaimed strahl, ray ray
" told y'all so" teased vickie
" stfu vickie" sagte t-t
" wait no problem i know a perfect babbies sitter!!!!! " i sagte all excitedly
" give me your phone princey" i said
" girl use your own phone!!!" he said
" mine is in my room!!!" i shouted
" ok" he said

" hello mrs.peters??"
" Hey who is this???" she asked
" its jenet .on friday can u baby sitt 4 babbies???? " i asked
" sure child" she said
" thanx bye" i said
i hung up.
i gave princeton back his phone.
" to bad y'all wont b at our concert...." sagte prodigy
" we always go to your concerts" sagte nyje
" i know but its at the place we first met" sagte prince
" aww" we all said
" yeah but i wasnt there!!!" shouted nyje
" yeah we know u came late" teased t-t
we went to go pick out our outfits.......
( vickie v)
posted by Missprinceton1
Tanya POV
hi im tanya minaj im 15 years old I have a big sister called perri minaj my momi is nicki minaj and my daddi is erpel, drake I'm fun serious, and I just had the most amazing makeover oh dont forget my Friends Ityana, Merry, Ityana and viola
End of POV

Perri POV
ello!!! im perri im cute smart and verry sexy bad u dont wanno mess wit me cause I swear i will invite yo family to yo funiral no jokes but apart from all that im funny and the most beliebt girl in school and my sister is Tanya she a nerd inside but a fashanable star, sterne outside YUK!!!! my mom is nicki and my dad is erpel, drake BLAH!!!! BLAH!!!...
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AT Lunch time (Continued)
Lexi; is this the cafatiria
Ityana; yeah this is
Lexi; ok im kinda hungry
Ityana; lets eat
We went to get our Essen and sta down in the beliebt kids tabelle there was lots of people there
Lexi; are these all the kool kids
Merry; yeah consider urself kool lexi
Lexi; *smiling* thanks
then princeton and strahl, ray strahl, ray came and sat down Weiter to us
Merry; he baby
Ray; Hey babe *kisses her*
Merry; so u all no my new friend lexi
Ray; Hey lexi im strahl, ray strahl, ray *flirtish voice*
Lexi; *smiling* hi strahl, ray ray
prince; Hey im princeton nice to meet u *hold out hand*
Lexi; im lexi nice to meet u 2 *shakes princeton...
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posted by Missprinceton1
we were goin to a strand party with lots of people
this includes jacobL,Diggy,MB, ME, Nicki minaj,OMG girlz,and my Friends and a hole lot of other people
nicki; yall ready 2 go
me&omg girlz: yeah we ready
nicki; where the boyz at
me; oh they gonna come
nicki; what bout mia and tayla
me; can we not talk about them
nicki; um ok lets go
we went 2 the strand and saw the boyz
prince; Hey baby(kisses me)
me; oh hey
prince; who ya bring along
me; nicki minaj
and OMG girlz
prince; u no nicki minaj
me; yeah we kinda related
prince; what?
me; never mind where the rest
prince; ova there
ray came
ray; wow sawty got an ass'...
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posted by abigyal
Crowd:WE Liebe DIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diggy:*goes outside* guys wat can i say im in love
Girl:well we dont belive you
Keke comes out
Keke:i know youre mad but hes still the same single diggy
Diggy:wait are u breaking up with me
Keke:no im just sayin Du havent changed
Girl:oh really prove it
Keke whispered something in Diggy's ear
Diggy:are Du sure
Keke:just do it
Diggy pulled a girl vorwärts-, nach vorn and kissed her
Keke:see hes the same diggy


AJ:ima go to work
Dana:ok we will stay here
Chel:just go

outfit: link

ok back to Keke......

Her Mom:wtf is wrong with those stupid fans
Keke:why did u bring em after me mom
Her mom:u gon die one way oder the other
She pulls out a gun and shoots her
Her Mom:good luck
Diggy:Keke can Du hear me

To Be continued..........................
posted by abigyal
Its now 2 months since they left
Keke is now living with Diggy and is two months pregnant
She is now being homeschooled because she is pregnant
Its now the first Tag of school

Dana: link
Brianna: link
AJ: link
Chelsey: link

AJ:so ya reay for the first Tag of school
Chelsey:oh we're goin to school
Bri:we couldnt tell Von Du outfit
AJ: is it a crime to have swagg
Dana:lets just go

At the school................

Guy1:hey sexy
AJ:*smiles and looks at the ground*
Bri:you like attention dont you
Guy2:yo sexy wanna ditch school
AJ:Im good
Guy3:nice boobs
Principal:young man to my office
Dana:u got guys going...
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posted by Princetonlove01
IT’S TOUR TODAY (for MB mya n your friends)

at the girls house
Lydia:shut up
M:errrrm let me think NO straight face get up tour
Lydia:well can it be tour in 1 Stunde ?
M:NO n beside don’t Du wanna see prodigy ?
paige wakes up
Lydia:Grow up
Paige:I may be short but I act my age
Lydia:sure Du do
M:can Du two stop now ??
jamilah wakes up
Jamilah:Good morning
All except jamilah:Morning
M:lets go get ready…I call the bathroom first !
Paige:there are two other bathrooms Du know
Lydia:n Du still don’t know your own Home
M:hahaha very...
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posted by itzdonyeh
AT THE BUS STOP..........
Bus Driver:Are yu getting on the bus?
Me:No and why would yu ask mehh that I'm not ur child.
Bus Driver: Look here "Nigga". I've Been doing this for too many years for yu to get grown with me.
Me:I see why yo fat behind making the chair get dents in it Cracker.
Bus Driver: Thats it I'm leaving.
Me:Bye Bye hoe.
The bus driver pulls back try to hit me with the bus.
Me:Haha hacke I recorded everything I'm Wird angezeigt this to ur superviser.
Gyasi walks up with a frown on his face.
Me:Whats wrong with yu boo?
Gyasi:Well i saw everything yu did.
Me:Ok so what.
Gyasi:Not everything I guess....
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
Princeton:Hey sis this our room right here.
Jenna:awhll im comin
(just as she is about to walk in the door Roc grabs her)
Roc:Come wit me
Jenna:No im stayin with my brother.
Roc:Awhl i see how it is.
(He leaves and goes to his room)
Princeton:Look i didnt want to tell Du this but i guess im gonna have to Jenna Roc is dating star, sterne from the Omg girlz.
(Jenna stands there in shock amd just looks at princton)
Princeton:Jenna Du ok?look i know it hurts but u gotta Bewegen on
(He grabs her and hugs her really tight and Jenna starts crying)
Jenna:I have to go somewhere real quick i'll be back in a few.
Princeton:Ok Du sure u don't want me to come with you?
Jenna:No i have to do this Von myself.
(She goes to Rays room and kisses him and rubs him)
Ray:I don't know what Du are doing but i'm loving it.
(Then he picks her up and takes her to bed)
posted by ThatGirlJenna
Prince: Jenna wth u got on!?
Jenna: Clothes?....
Prince:If them clothes u must be out yo God D*** mind.
Jenna:Wateva hata
(Jenna goes and sits on Roc lap)
strahl, ray Ray:Jenna can u sit on my lap?
Jenna:Of course
(Roc graps Jenna)
Roc: No the h** u aint!
(Jenna pushes Roc's hands off her and goes to sit on strahl, ray lap)
Ray: Roc what yo problem?
Ray:Wateva man
(Jenna starts to bounce on strahl, ray lap while she Wird angezeigt pictures to him on Instagram)
Roc(Roc gets up and goes o the backk on the tour bus and slams the door)
Keke:Maybe I should talk to him.
(Keke leaves and talks to Roc then comes out)
Keke:Jenna he wants to talk to you.
posted by Princetonlove01
Prince and Mya head back to the party and see Jenet and Diggy.
Diggy: Hey man! does a dude handshake thing with prince.
J: Hey prince. gives him a hug
Diggy: happy birthday man
Prince: oh it is now. smiles and looks at Mya
diggy and jenet look at each other funny and do a head nod thing.
J: Mya, u come with me.
diggy: and prince, u come with me.
they go their separate ways
they go to a separate room in the back of the club
J: alright spill.
M: I dont know what your talking about.
J: yea u do. Girl ur glowing!
M: I am?
J: yea. Did u and prince…
M: …yea
J: OMG!! ur not a-
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posted by Princetonlove01
I Skipped Into Sum Weeks Right Now Twist Is Surprising De With A???

de p.o.v
I couldn’t see any thing twist covered my eyes ..
Then he uncovered my eyes
I saw candles
De: y is there candles ??
Tw: follow them
De: ( I smile ) ok ..
( grab his hand and he follows behind me)
De’: ahhhh
Twist: what ( smiles )
De’: u brought me a rosa Lamborghini !!!
Tw: yeah ( smiles)
( it looks like this : link )
De’: why it’s not my birthday it’s not Weihnachten ??
Tw: well this is I Liebe Du type of gift ..
Take it as a early birthday gift if u want..
De’: ( looks down) take it back ..
Tw: why
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posted by Princetonlove01
at the water park
prod pov
p: bae u still mad?
Ronae: I don’t wanna talk to u right now…
P: y r u so mad?
Ronae: shut up !
( she starts to walk I grabbed her hand)
P: what Is wrong tell me I’m ur boyfriend ,, u gotta make it easier to help u to feel better..
R: leave new alone prod n u dnt need to be my boyfriend !!
P: is this about when i Kommentiert on Mya and how good she looks,.,
R: yess!!
P: y?!!
R: u never sagte that much the way u sagte to mya!!!
P: but u knw I Liebe u nt her!
R: so what!! U dnt have to Liebe me go compliement Mya. N leave me alone!!
P: Ronae Stop actin like a b***...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Ronae p.o.v
Im sleeping dreaming of….. prod of course
Until I heard something …
(I got scared so I went to where Mya and prince room was prod showed me when we Frist came on here..and prod and the boys we’re still at the concert)
Ronae :(whispering) Mya..
(she wasn’t there she was gone so I knew something was wrong but what? At almost midnight especially on a tour
bus? Who was knocking at the door?)
(then I walked to a coner where I saw mya’s head and someone else…)
Mya:hey !
?: Hey we gotta go now come on pack ur bags…
Mya: y I don’t wanna leave..
?: mya I don’t have f******...
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posted by Princetonlove01
still roc pov
(we get there 5 mintues later man he drives fast)
R: we’re here!
(samii opens the tour bus door oh roc its beautiful)
R: yup!
(every one else walks out )
P: woah!
mya: aww..beautiful!
samii:yeah it is..
Rr: beautiful..not as beautiful as my nasha baby..smiles
na na: aww i Liebe u too baby..
R: how u like it ..its a private strand for us..
(there’s slince everyone runs back to get dressed off oder less clothing)
R(hey i was happy finally get to see samii in a two-piece swim suit not one but two-piece my friend cant get better than this..)
(sammi walk on strand wearin this...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Mya POV:

Mya: Um… Who was that.?

Prince: I don’t know, guys I think we should leave before we get the girls in trouble…

Mya: Don’t leave yet, Lakinda, Kenzie, Kayla, Hazel, lets go downstairs.

We went downstairs to see none other than… UGH.!

Dave… Yeah the choreographer for Mindless Behavior and of course, Star, Beauty, Babydoll, and Cymphonique. Dave messes with their moms and spoils their daughters so he could become famous Von them. So since he “played under the sheets” with their moms, he’s like a stepfather to the girls. and he’s my stepfather =.= Scarlet is his daughter!...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(Mya is sitting on bett crying and hears doorbell)

Mya: im (cry) coming. (opens door) just leave cause i know Du dont wanna see me.
Prince: we need to talk but could Du please stop crying
Mya: why
Prince: cause i dont like to se Du cry. it hurts me when Du cry
Mya: dont lie. i know Du are just here to break up with me and Du dont want me to cry because your gonna feel gilty
Prince: can i just come in and talk to you
Mya: fine

(they sit down on couch in the living room)

Prince: wheres your aunt
Mya: still at work she gets off at five
Prince: then i guess im staying till six
Mya: why
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Victoria-her family is havng problems n her parents r divoreced. she is very beautiful but doesnt thnk so n she gets bullied.
she has karamell colored skin hazel brwn eyes n her hair is curly n black with electric green highlights

Vanessa-The mean girl who h8es Victoria's guts because Victoria was once beliebt but became unpopular 4 being smart
she is light skinned but not as light as Victoria n has green eyes of envy n haz striaght shiney black hair

Princeton-the new kid with a charming personalility n finds feelings 4 Victoria
he has a gis curly afro n he iz a blexican (he;s mexican n black) haz...
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posted by Princetonlove01
When Ray-Ray and mya get in the car and return to the hotel together.

Everybody is still blowing up Jazmine phone.

Princeton starts to text jazmine cell:
P: Baby please please text me back i miss Du and i Liebe Du i want us to be happy please text me back oder call me.

M:Baby I am fine I am on my way to Du Ray-Ray is came to pick me up I will be there soon.


M: I was at a hotel four blocks up from the club.

P: Okay baby i will see Du when Du get here.
(End of Text Conversation)

Princeton run quickly back in the room and tells the others that...
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princeton raised his fist as he was about to schlagen, punsch diggy when strahl, ray strahl, ray prodigy and roc royal held him back . " c'mon princeton stop. !!!! its not that important" i sagte . the boyz let go of princeton. " its is that important. diggy Du better leave my girlfriend alone. if ever KISS her again u will regret it ." he warned " oh is that supose to be a threat." he asked . " c'mon guys lets go ." sagte princeton " we'll go get the girls." sagte strahl, ray ray. " jenet - " wait befor u say anything else i have to say that was one sweet move. anyways i know wat your going to say so do me a faver a dont say...
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one Tag i was in my room with t-t and vickie my two best friends. " i am so board!!!!!!!!!!" exclaimed t-t . my phone started ringing all of a sudden my phone rang. i answered it slowly holding it up to my ear thinking it was my over protective parents oder something."hey cutie its jacob . if Du oder your Friends arent doing anything right now i wanted to know if y'all would come over. we are having a movie night. "we will be there." i sagte " okay i will pick y'all up". " bye" i sagte " bye" " Hey vickie Hey t-t guess what we are going to movie night!" i sagte to them .

"yes!!! i had such a fun time...
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