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( mine ^)
2 months later, mb's house:
ok so me , t-t , vickie , and nyje were in the küche in the middle of the night.
" soo we should have a girls night out!!!" i exclaimed
" yeah i mean i be taken care of trey's baby ..... hell yeah i wanna go out!!!" exclaimed t-t
" wow u sound like my mom " sagte nyje.
" i k r" i said
" i d c" sagte t-t
" on friday???" asked vickie
" yeah!!" we all said
" but... but dont the boyz have a konzert on friday" sagte vickie
" no thats Weiter friday!!" i said
" o" she said
then the boyz walked in .
" whats y'all talkin 'bout???" aske prodigy
" well babe jenet thinks we should have a girls night out" snitched nyje
" Hey i sagte we should have a girls night out to!!!" exclaimed t-t
" see her idea!!" i sagte while pointing to t-t
" its not a bad idea......." sagte roc
" yeah when is it??? " asked princeton
" this friday" sagte vickie
" dang we have a konzert this friday" exclaimed strahl, ray ray
" told y'all so" teased vickie
" stfu vickie" sagte t-t
" wait no problem i know a perfect babbies sitter!!!!! " i sagte all excitedly
" give me your phone princey" i said
" girl use your own phone!!!" he said
" mine is in my room!!!" i shouted
" ok" he said

" hello mrs.peters??"
" Hey who is this???" she asked
" its jenet .on friday can u baby sitt 4 babbies???? " i asked
" sure child" she said
" thanx bye" i said
i hung up.
i gave princeton back his phone.
" to bad y'all wont b at our concert...." sagte prodigy
" we always go to your concerts" sagte nyje
" i know but its at the place we first met" sagte prince
" aww" we all said
" yeah but i wasnt there!!!" shouted nyje
" yeah we know u came late" teased t-t
we went to go pick out our outfits.......
( vickie v)
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Jacob woke up that morning. He looked on his calendar.
"Oh shit!!!" He whispered
Jacob rushed into his bathroom and started getting ready.
He little bro Antonio knocked on the door.
" come in" Jacob called out
Antonio walked in.
Jacob was hopping into his jeans.
" what are u doing???" Asked Antonio
" shut the fuck up!!!" Shouted Jacob
Antonio rolled his eyes and left Jacobs room.

Kiana and the bridesmades were getting into their dresses.
Will stared at kiana.
" wow girl u look so pretty!!!" She sagte
" thanks"
" I can't fit into my dress!!!" Cried silver
All the girls looked at each other.
Mia couldn't...
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 My Car
My Car
Ok so my name is Jessie
Im a big MB fan
I have one best friend named Kim
She has one sister and her parents are dead
She is also a big MB Fan
There is this one guy who acts like a jerk bc he likes me like crazy
His name is Aaron

So im heading off to dance class in my car

My outfit: link

So I arrive at dance class...

Teacher:Class we have some guests here today but they will come in later today
Jessie:so can u give us a clue
Teacher:thats a suprise..... so lets start dancing
Birthday cake Von Rihanna comes on

Jessie:*breaks my backbone twerking* (not really)
Prince:*runs out* and starts grinding on me
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