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posted by princemjforlife

as Du know I am leaving. But I wanna leave with a BANG!

So we are here to share some funny stories we had here, to come and celebrate to Mitmachen together and just be happy.

So here it goes:

I remember I came on here smiling and now leaving sad, looking for answers. I know this is my choice but it's a smart choice. My stories might never be writen again. Du might never find out what happens, but *sighs* it's okay. I remember my first encounter with Rania, she told some chick that she was ugly! And that people called her beautiful. So I came and cursed her out with big fat ugly cow. Good times :). I'm gonna miss some of the Friends I made, Du know who Du are.
posted by Bieber-Jackson
Halle(12) Prince(13) Paris(12) Blanket(8) Jaafar(13) Jermajesty(9) Ashley(11) Kayla(19)Ciena(12) Justin(16) Marcus(13) Austin(13) Chloe'(15) Juliana(10)

Halle's POV:
"Man paparazzi are insane today!" I said, me and Prince had only been dating for 5 weeks and as soon as the paparazzi found out they went crazy! "Tell me about it we almost didn't make it here!" Prince sagte to me."Wait where did Blanket go?" i asked "I don't know", "PARIS!" i yelled, "What I'm trying to unpack!","Where is Blanket?","Why would i know Prince and Jaafar were watching him and Jermajesty!", "Oh Great" i sagte "I'll go...
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posted by lovepink
"Oh." I said. Now my tears were falling like rain drops. My herz broke in half, then again in quarters, then again into eighths. Who was she? When did they meet? How did they meet? My head was swarming with Fragen that I couldn't answer.
"I'm sorry."
"I, I, I have to go." I sagte trying to mask my tears. I failed miserably.
"Elle-" Prince sagte detecting my crying. I hung up. He called back, I didn't answer. He left a message. I couldn't bare to listen to it.
By this time I was practically sobbing, laying on my bett and eating ice cream. Paris came and tried to console me. Eventually I just...
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Sorry it took so long. I’m leaving town tomorrow to stay with my friend at his house in Big bär so I don’t know when I’ll get around to typing part 8.


<Still Prince’s Point Of View>

They all laughed at me.

“Ok, let’s see. Blanket, Du want cookies. Jermajesty wants to know how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. Donte wants Kayla’s vintage corvette convertible, and Genevieve is Singen Total Eclipse of the herz in her head.”

Silence, that’s all I got.

“That is AWESOME!” Blanket exclaimed

“Can Du teach us?” Jermajesty...
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I know it's not Prince's birthday :)
Prince Michael Jackson
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