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( scene Prince and Blanket hitchhiking)
Blanket: im so cold ( shivers)
Prince: ( looks at Blanket) i shouldnt of let Du come with me Blanket your not safe
Blanket: i wanted to be with Paris when she she came Home and im not leaving my big brother on his own
( Blankets holds out his Hand)
( Prince holds Blankts Hand)
Prince: i remeber when Daddy took Du Home from the hospital the Tag Du were born..( tear roll down princes cheeck)
Prince: i was so happy to have a little brother
Blanket: i Liebe Du Prince ( gives prince a kiss)
Prince: i Liebe Du too Monkey
( a car stops infront of Prince and Blanket)...
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(scene everyone inside Prince,s room)
Kathrine: My granson is going to kill himself!!!
Paris: we have to find him before its too late Blanket: Ill check the games room, grandma Du take the basketball court and everyone els just look for him
Everyone: got lets teilt, split up and find him ( everyone splits up to find Prince)
Paris: Prince!! Prince were are you?
( tries to unlock Jaffars bedroom door)
Paris: its locked that means... Grandma I found Prince come fast he is inside Jaffar,s Room!!!
( everyone goes to Jaffars room)
Kathrine: Blanket go get a power drill we have to get Prince out fast
Blanket: on...
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(Scene everyone inside the jackson home)
Prince: Hey Everybody whats going on?
Kathrine: Prince I need to Zeigen Du something
( shows Leaked pictures of Paris on Internect)
Prince: Spencer!
Paris: how could she do this to me
Kathrine: for money thats the only reason
Paris: i thought i could trust Her
Prince: forget her and make new friends,Better Friends
Paris: I guess your right but it wont be the same
Prince: your right it wont be the same it will be better!
Paris: Yeah!
Kathrine: thats the spirit Paris
Prince: Du can hang out with Niki
Paris: great idea ill call her right now and invite her over...
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posted by Bieber-Jackson
Me and Prince walked downstairs.
Paris was watching tv.
"Great daddy still isnt Home yet" I said
"Ok guys what happened today not a word about it"
I continued
"Trust NO ONE wants to speak of it again" Paris said
"Not a word" Prince said
Price had a look on his face like he was thinking hard about something.
"Are Du ok?" I asked
"Yeah Im fine" Prince said
I sat down to watch tv with Paris.
Prince called the driver.
"Bye ladies i'll be back later" Prince said
"Where are Du going?" I asked
"Ummm no where" He said
"Why is he Schauspielen so weird?" I asked
"He must still be a little jumpy about the fact that he was...
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