"So every few thousand years, these status come to life a kill people the only recorded event of these things called Stone Deaths was in a Roman battle agains the Celts, only two survivors, one Celt and one Roman" sagte Sam to the team, they all still seamed a little surprised that they let a 15 Jahr old boy Mitmachen the team in the future, properly less surprised if the knew the secret that Sam was keeping from them, he was Abby and Connor's son, but he didn't plan to tell them.
"So when will this happen?" Asked Jess
"Tomorrow" sagte Sam
"What, and Du didn't think about coming here sooner" sagte Connor
"Well, it was hard finding an anomaly to get me this close to the event, seriously it we searched for almost two years" sagte Sam
"And why did Du come here, we might be able to stop the Stone Deaths" sagte Becker, his grip on his EMD tightened.
"Well the anomaly is to the world of the Stone Deaths will open in the middle of a populated area, and if the story of the last time they were here then a lot of people will die if" sagte Sam
"So now what?" Asked Matt
"We do what we have done for the last 6 years, our job" sagte Abby
The Weiter day
Sam had shown the team the area that the Stone Deaths were going to come from, then all the team (again with Jess and Lester) with the ARC soldiers evacuated the area and waited, Connor looked at Sam, he could see that this was a big thing to him, maybe event took up his whole life to prepare for this day, Connor walked up to Sam and sagte "so Sam, why did Du Mitmachen the ARC?" He asked
"I didn't join, I was born into this whole thing, it's my life" sagte Sam
"Not even your parents were worried?"
"They are, they think I'm too young to protect people, this is my way of proving yo- I mean them wrong", at that point there came a low rumbling sound came from the area Sam sagte the anomaly would open then lightning bursted from a glowing light in the area then a black anomaly opened and Stone like raptors (Stone Deaths) busted from the anomaly, the ARC soldiers fired everything they had in their guns, Sam sagte that that the EMDs would never hold them off, the bullets from the Pistolen just bounced off the stone skin of the Stone Deaths.
Becker had shot a bullet to one of the Stone Deaths in the eye, he noticed as the creature fell to the ground, screaming as the bullet went into its brain "aim for the eyes!" He shouted, after those words the battle chanced, the humans were winning, it took another two hours for the surviving Stone Deaths to understand that they can't kill anyone as they now knew their weakness so they retreated back trough the black anomaly, when the last of the surviving Stone Deaths went through the anomaly it quickly closed.
Five hours later
The anomaly that Sam had come trough was now un-locked, the whole team had come to say goodbye, Sam gave Emily, Jess and Abby a hug, Lester, Matt and Becker a hand shake then he turned to Connor "well then Mr Temple" sagte Sam "I hope Du understand who I am?"
"Yes, young Temple" sagte Connor "you have your mother's eyes, yes I know who she is too, Abby's pregnant Du know"
"Yes, it's me she's pregnant with" Sam smiled, turned to the anomaly, walked through, then the anomaly closed, Matt and Emily were the first to leave, the Lester then Becker and Jess, just leaving Abby and Connor, the two looked at each, smiled then walked to the bench, sat down, Abby rested her head on Connor's shoulder and watched the sun begin to set.
Writer's note- hello guys that for reading, this story came to me when I met the people who play Connor, Abby and Jenny at a Comic Con in Birmingham, I asked them "if there is a series 6 what situations so Du think that your character would be put in?" They then replied "what do Du what to see happen?" So I told them my idea of people from the characters future coming into the past and they told me to write it down, so I did.
Anyway look out for my new Skulduggery Pleasant spin off series (but if Du don't know oder like Skulduggery Pleasant but know someone who does let them know) based on what Fletcher Renn does away from the original team so...
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