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Need some help with songs here ! :D

I need some help with two songs from Primeval season 2 :)
I need the name of the song from season 2 episode 2 - It's playing during the scene where the man from the office walks to the elevator.. Du know the guy with the red socks on..
And then I need the name of the song from the episode with the Smilidon - the sare tooth. The song is from the scene in the park where Connor is texing with caroline :)
I'd really Liebe it, if someone could help me with those songs. oder just one of them.. But both would be amazing!
Thanks! :D
 BorchMadsen posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Primeval Antwort

pottsfanatic said:
Are Du wanting the songs from the original ITV airing? If so the song from 2.2, the one with the guy in the red sox, is Bonde Do Role and the song is Office Boy.

The Sekunde song is I sagte Never Again(but here Du are) Von Rachel Stevens.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Sorry those are both the wrong ones /: I'm looking for the songs playing in the episodes.. As in on the dvd's /: Season 2 episode 2 and then the Smilodon episode.. I've never heard the two songs Du just wrote there /: But thanks for your help anyway ..
BorchMadsen posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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