Pretty Little Liars Most Romantic Moment?

Pick one:
Ezria Rain KISS ('The Jenna Thing')
Emily and Maya's Foto Booth Scene ('To Kill a Mocking Girl')
Haleb's dusche Scene ('A Badass Seed')
Spoby's First KISS ('A Person of Interest')
Haleb's Tent Scene ('A Person of Interest')
Spencer Runs to Toby ('Monsters in the End')
Ezria Parking Lot KISS ('The Goodbye Look')
Emaya's Water Wonderland ('A KISS Before Lying')
Ezria's First Time ('If These Puppen Could Talk')
Toby's Return ('unmAsked')
Pailey's Midnight Swim ('Stolen Kisses')
Emison's Bedtime Makeout ('Taking This One to the Grave)
Ezra proposes to Aria ('Along Comes Mary')
Alison says 'I Liebe you' to Emily ('The handschuh That Rocks the Cradle')
Haleb's Wedding ('Choose oder Lose')
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