Here are some unconfirmed spoilers for the 4th episode of season 4 "The Mirror Has Three Faces":

-Wren will "be all over" 4x10, "The Mirror Has Three Faces."

-In 4x10, there will be some scenes that will make us "scream" and some that will make us "gasp."

-There will also be a shirtless Jake scene.

-Hanna & Wren will have a scene at The Brew in this episode.

-There will be Haleb scenes that will "melt our hearts."

And for 4x07 "Crash and Burn, Girl!":

-Nigel, the blond guy we saw walking Jenna into Wilden's funeral, will reappear in "Crash and Burn, Girl!" (4x07) And while Nigel "may have a darker side," we won't see his darker nature on the surface.