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This doesn't make ANY! sense..

Maybe it's just me, but I just thought of something that makes absolutely no sense, and I would Liebe your guys' opinion on this.

I watched a theory video, that "Is Spencer Mary's other child" which we found out to be true.

However, one thing doesn't make sense. If it's true that Jessica saw Spencer as a "threat" to Alison and wanted Alison to be better than Spencer (note Jessica and Mary didn't get along) but why would she be willing to raise Mary's older child, Charles? (CeCe/Charlotte)
 BlondeGirl93 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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hatelarxene said:
Nothing in this goddamn Zeigen makes sense anymore. I've learned to just go along with it.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
ChocolateLover6 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
True !
BlondeGirl93 posted vor 10 Monaten
mooglemania said:
Cece is older than both Ali and Spence. She was adopted out of guilt. Jessica ended up bonding with her and getting attached to her. Mary is Cece's biological mother but her father is Pastor Ted. Spencer is Mary and Peter Hastings's daughter. Peter was having an affair with Jessica when Mary got knocked up with his kid so Spencer is something that reminds her not only of her own affair but of her sister stealing her man away so she hates Spencer. Add to it that because of Spencer her own affair was exposed in a way, at least to Peter's wife. Pastor Ted wouldn't take Cece in but Peter took Spencer so there's also that on oben, nach oben of the jealousy and stuff. So she wanted Alison to dominate Spencer in the same way she wanted to be better than her own sister.
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posted vor 2 Monaten 
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