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Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDhCoewL3ec

Tom Kenny: After going through the trap door, the girls found their selves in a dark, underground hallway.
Buttercup: I wish we had night vision.
Blossom: Me too.
Bubbles: I can't see anything. I'm scared.
Blossom: It's okay Bubbles. I'm scared too.

Suddenly, a light turned on.

Blossom: If we keep moving forward, the lights turn on Von their selves.
Buttercup: That's good.
Bubbles: Let's keep going. I don't like the dark.
Blossom: *Uses her X-ray vision to look for Fuzzy* I think I see him. Let's Bewegen forward, then turn left as soon as we can.
Fuzzy: *Pulls...
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Blossom: It's not about winning, it's about fun!

Brick: What's that?

Blossom: Fun is when you... fun is... it's like... it's kind of... sort of like a... What is fun? I... Let me spell it for you!
F is for Friends who do stuff together
U is for Du and me
N is for anywhere and anytime at all

Bubbles and Buttercup: Down here in the deep blue sea!

Brick: F is for feuer that burns down the whole town!
U is for uranium... bombs!
N is for no survivors when you-

Blossom: Brick! Those things aren't what fun is all about! Now do it like this.
F is for Friends who do stuff to-

Brick: Never! That's completely idiotic!...
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