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posted by lillymango1
 brat tell her how Du feel
brat tell her how you feel
breserk saw brock she blushd a littel emmmm heu, hay brok heu, hay breserk soo Du and your bros are the burning bash Katzen sagte beserk guesss so he said{menewile } brat was with billy hmmm do Du have a girl friend sagte brat no he sagte oh ok she sagte cheerfully {meanwile again} heu, hay sagte brute to bryen heu, hay littel cat call he sagte me brute she sagte {meanwile x2} ehhh so brok your ever alone nope yeah were almost as rowdy ruff boys there ower ildolls so Du and your sisters are the..... sagte brok power punk Katzen cool {just skip to brat already} he heu, hay brat he blushed ehhh what is it billy she sagte as she was happy and blushed well this freind of mines likes this girl and he dosent know what to do? well the Weiter Tag when your friend see her tell his feeling to her oh ok {to brute} so littel cat your ehhh kinda cute like your sisters well yeah i gusses so why she said? cool {to breserk} well your nice see Du tommrow sagte bresrk bye he sagte
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posted by lillymango1
ben where are Du sagte buttens go away some one sagte it was ben come out ben sagte buttens but i cant Du know i like Du sagte ben ofcorce Du do were cusins sagte buttens no he pured im ment Liebe oh so Du like like me sagte buttens well yeah but then came bb heu, hay guys so wacha doin sagte bb well nothin sagte thay sagte well bye iv got a datum sagte bb youv got...........a datum yes i am pritty am i yes no jugement in that well bye sagte the Kätzchen bb is now 14 so she could get a datum just come out i like like Du to sagte buttens really sagte ben yeah but what shall we do about this cusin thing then...
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posted by yayabeauty
 the rowdyruff girls
the rowdyruff girls
one Tag the rowdyruff boys was playing tag with the powerpuff girls when 3 figures came and crash the place one was wearing a hat with her light rosa eyes and red outfit the Sekunde one was wearing dark blue her blue eyes was meeting with everyones she had curves like Boomer when he first appear and had Bubbles ponys the last one had everything of Buttercup she had light green eyes dark green outfit and her bangs with curves they sagte the names Red i'm Nicki and what up its Beyoncé were the rowdyruff girls
 nicki as a older girl
nicki as a older girl
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