Pokemon Out of my Pokemon Favoriten and least favorites, which one do Du agree with the most?

Pick one:
Favorit Media: Manga
Least Favorit Media: Anime
Favorit Pokémon: Houndoom
Least Favorit Pokémon: Clefairy
Favorit Trio: Ash, Brock, & Misty
Least Favorit Trio: Ash, Brock, & Dawn
Favorit shipping: Ash/Misty
Least Favorit shipping: Ash/Dawn
Favorit series: Indigo League
Least Favorit series: Diamond and Pearl
Favorit game: Yellow
Least Favorit game: Pearl
Favorit arc: Gold, Silver & Crystal
Least Favorit arc: Diamond & Pearl
Favorit Anime character: Brock
Least Favorit Anime character: Ash
Favorit Manga character: Gold
Least Favorit Manga character: Platinum
 Maydayrocks posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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