Pokemon Pokemon Adventure: Johto!

TAIKAMODO posted on Aug 20, 2015 at 06:44PM
After the battle with the Legendaries and the threat of Team Rocket, the Kanto Region finally achieved a long awaited time of peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, in the neighboring region of Johto, the time has come for another generation of Trainers to begin their journeys. With a new threat on the rise in the form of a mysterious cult calling themselves the "Disciples", and the sudden disappearance of Johto Champion Lance, it seems yet another time of despair is approaching the world. Question is, will the trainers of today be able to save it?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
Cloud frowned at Shadow blatantly ignoring his question. Now wasn't the best time for her to drop the 'what are my orders' mentality. Cloud grabbed her by the wrist as she walked past. "Who was that?" He repeated, his voice much more demanding this time around.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr horofox said…
Shadow- We need to keep going I said. Master I'm afraid you're hurting my hand. * Still not looking at him in the face *
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"You're still dodging the question," He didn't let her go, both because he wanted an answer, and because he wanted to keep her from walking off again. "We'll keep going, and i'll gladly let you go, once you tell me who that girl was."

Sage was watching the two with a melancholic expression. When that girl showed up she'd had a look in her eyes that the greenette girl was all too familiar with. It was the look of pain, of desperation, of sorrow...of guilt. It was the kind of look you saw on the faces of those drowning in grief, like she was, though she did her best to hide it.

It was the look of one who had lost something important to them.

It was the look of Sage when her Pokémon were taken.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that the girl had lost something, maybe even someone. And that whatever that something was connected to Shadow. But even though she realized that, even though the rational part of her mind told her to side with Cloud....

Sage stayed quiet.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr horofox said…
Shadow- My wrist hurts, let go. What happened between me and her has nothing to do with you Master.

Zoaroark looked at Shadow with a blank expression like always. She was confused, usually she would just tell about everything and forget about it. But something was different this time it was almost like she was trying to be like... " Her "

Shadow- * She kept looking away feom Cloud and now was trying to get Cloud away from her. She was now annoyed but confused about everything. Usually she wouldn't care about her situation but something told her something she had never noticed was a feeling of...guilt. * I want you to let go.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(I think i accidentally gave CloudXAra some ship competition XD)

"You know what? I'm your Master, right? That means that if i give you an order you do it without question. If that's the case, then i'll just phrase it this way; Shadow, tell me who-" Cloud's sentence stopped short when he suddenly remembered, he suddenly found himself in a whole different place....

"My wrist hurts, let go!" A girl cried, tears sparkling on the corners of her eyes as she pulled with all her might, struggling against the man's cold and hard grip. "Lemme go you big meanie!" Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, a ten year old girl couldn't overpower a grown man, and all her struggling was pointless.

"Rose, no!" A younger Cloud cried, running after the man that dragging her away. He had to reach them, he had to save her, he had to bring her home where the bullies couldn't reach her, he had to, or else...

"Beat it, you stupid kid!" The man snapped, his fist connecting with Cloud's jaw, and sending Cloud spiralling backwards until he landed face first on the ground. It was cold, he thought loosely, and his mouth tasted like iron.....

"R-Rose....don't....leave..." The last thing he remembered was Rose's pink hair glowing in the moonlight....

...Then everything went black.


"Rose..." Cloud, eyes wide, whispered, before the arm that had been holding Shadow went limp, releasing her and falling to his side. "I'm sorry." Not daring to look up from the ground and meet the curious eyes of the group, Cloud started walking again.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Master Cloud have I dissatisfied you? You are lost in thought. Why? * She held his shoulder but pulled her hand back and went forward *
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
Rose.... Cloud's mind kept replaying that moment, that time three years ago, like a broken CD Player. He could still feel the dead cold of the concrete of his face, the flow and warmth of the iron flavored blood in his mouth, the glowing white light of the full moon shining in the dark sky, and the most vivid of all, the scream. Her scream. Screaming his name as she was dragged away and he was completely powerless to stop them.

Just like that pink haired girl with the Alaka-


Pink hair....

"No...." He muttered, eyes wide, "No..." Shaking his head to try and force the memory out of his mind, Cloud took a deep breath. "That'd be stupid, after all," He mumbled, "She's gone." With that he kept walking, ignoring Shadow and the others completely.

No...she was gone.

Gone forever.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Cloud! Cloud! Cloud are you OK! Earth to Cloud! * She nudged him and waved her hand in front of his face * Snap out of it already!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"I'm fine!" Cloud shouted in a sudden spurt of anger, "Just shut up and stop bothering me!" Without saying another word Cloud started running. He didn't look back at them, he didn't even look forward, he just ran. Away from them, away from his memories, away from everything and everyone, away from the problems. He just kept running, farther and farther.

"Hi, my name's Rose! What's your name?" A girl with sakura pink hair greeted, extending her hand. Cloud, who was sitting alone on the swings, looked at the girl with surprise as she sat on the swing beside his own.

"Cloud," He mumbled, awkwardly shaking her hand.

"Cloud? That's a cool name! Just like the poofy ones in the sky!" She giggled, and Cloud blushed bright red. Did she have to talk about his name like that?


He ignored the tears stinging the corners of his eyes and the slight blur in his vision.

"I'm sorry...."

"So, Cloud, whadd'ya wanna be when you grow up?" Rose asked. The duo sat on those same swings they'd sat on nearly five years ago when they first met, the sky a gentle orangle color signifying the sunset. Cloud raised a brow.

"Why are you asking that all of a sudden?" Cloud questioned, and Rose giggled.

"Well, your tenth birthday's tomorrow, and you like Pokémon, so i just got curious," She explained, and Cloud nodded.

"Oh, well, i wanna go on a Journey and be a Pokémon Master of course!" He declared proudly, and Rose grinned at his response.

"Then take me with you!" Cloud blinked in confusion.

"Huh?" He muttered dumbly.

"A Pokémon Journey sounds like fun, plus, i wanna be there when you get all your badges!" Cloud grinned too, nodding.

"Right! You're definitely comin' with me!"


He ignored the weird, hurting feeling in his chest.

"I'm sorry...."

"CLOOOOUUUUUUUUD!" Rose screamed as she was being dragged away. Cloud was slipping in and out of consciousness by then, but he still heard her loud and clear.



He let the tears flow down his cheeks, ignoring the strange stares he got from the few people he passed.

"I'm SORRY!"

"Let him go," Sage told Shadow, knowing what Cloud was feeling all too well, "He needs to calm down on his own."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Ok. But will he come back?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"I don't know," Sage stared off in the direction Cloud had ran, "That depends on just how strong Cloud's feelings are...i don't know what you said or did, but it reminded him of something he didn't want to remember."

Cloud finally collapsed in the grass after however many seconds he'd been tunning, landing on his back in the grass. Still breathing heavily, the black haired boy stared up at the sky. It was as blue as always, like an endless, calm pool.

Not a cloud in sight.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- I feel like whatever it was it was my fault...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"I don't think so...." Sage muttered thoughtfully, "I haven't known Cloud long, but from what i've seen, he isn't the type to get super emotional, y'know? So if he got upset enough to run, and to have that much sadness in his eyes...it must have been something he's kept bottled up for a long time."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- I'm gonna go get him... and if he wants me to leave I'm going on.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
Sage shook her head. "Don't....nobody, not you, not me, can help him at this point. He won't talk to us, and the only thing we could do is make him angrier," She tried to explain, before shrugging her backpack onto her shoulders. "If you wanna go, then let's just keep going to Violet City. Once he comes back and can't find us, he'll know where we went."
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(Just got bored and looked at the pages of the first two RPs, and realized both that i used to be a horrible writer, and that i'm the only one left from the original squad. Pipi's been gone for over a year, Dragon's gone, Misshedgehog's gone, and Noji's...i'm not sure, but it's been nearly a month. But in either case, i'm the lone survivor, which is kinda sad when i think about it. But whatevs, i'll just enjoy my cupcakes. XP)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr horofox said…
big smile
Shadow- Fine lets get moving already
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"Right," Sage agreed, and began walking again. In the back of her mind, she was worried too. Cloud was strange, at least when it came to his feelings. When he came back, if he came back, would he be the same person?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- She thought, "Whats with the awkward silence its like we cant function without him
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
Trying to do something about the almost suffocatingly uncomfortable silence between them, Sage tried to change the subject. "You know Shadow, even if Cloud and Ara are gonna star in my novel, that doesn't mean you can't be a supporting character," She began, "Ever been interested in anyone?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Never have, never will.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"You sure?" Sage questioned, her tone almost teasing, "Haven't you ever gotten those butterflies in your stomach, that glint in your eye, that beat skipped in your heart?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Sage we should just get to the gym. * Her face got warmer *
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"I can see it! You have felt the warmth of true love in your heart before!" Sage said trimphantly, her glasses shining a bit. "So, who was the lucky guy, hm?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Horofox6 said…
Shadow- Sage! Gym! That's all that's important!
 Shadow- Sage! Gym! That's all that's important!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"Aww, look at your face! You're getting all flustered~" She gushed in a song like tone, "Now i know something's up!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr horofox said…
Shadow- Nothing is up! Just shut up!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
"Shadow's got a crush, Shadow's got a crush~" Sage sang, repeating the verse a few times before giggling, "C'mon, i won't tell, i promise! I just wanna know!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr horofox said…
Shadow- I do not! So I have nothing to tell.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PandaLoverXX said…
Name- Ai Hokisareta

Age- 16

Gender- Female

Appearance- Pic

Personality- Loving, lonely, selfless, cowardly, doubting, loves everything except herself, doesn't believe in the word "ugly"

Backstory- to be shown

Likes- Animals, Nature, Pokémon, Singing, hanging out with friends, her big brother, love

Dislikes- loneliness, sadness, death, pain, strangers or people besides close friends

Starter Pokémon- snivy

Pokémon Team- Serperior, Riolu, Garchomp, Skitty, Meowstic, liligant, tokepi, evee, budew

Dream/Goal- To meet the love of her life, share love to others
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 Name- Ai Hokisareta Age- 16 Gender- Female Appearance- Pic Personality- Loving, lonely,
vor 10 Monaten TAIKAMODO said…
(R.I.P I think.)
vor 3 Monaten TAIKAMODO said…
(I'm feeling pretty darn nostalgic today, so hi all zero people who are gonna read this, been a while. After all the health issues, technological issues, and simply lacking the motivation to write or interact or do anything, really, I am full time back on Fanpop, so that's cool. And besides that, yeah, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic, and even though I'm sure nobody from the old PAK crew or even new members of this RP is even here anymore(Haven't heard from Noji in two months, Dragon I have no clue the last time, and Pipi was here two days ago but she probably left again since nobody answered), I just wanna say thank you to all of those mentioned for helping me so much, I kinda sucked at having real life friends, especially since during the period I was here the most I was either home sick or bullied. I made memories and formed friendships and learned so much about writing and I can't express how grateful I am for all the experiences I had with you all. But as much as any words I could provide would ultimately prove to be in vain, as no words can express my gratitude in a way that does it justice, I still just want to say thank you, even if nobody ever sees it.)
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vor 20 Tagen Epismatic said…
(Well then, allow me to give a reply no one's ever gonna see, then. Taika, you and everyone else were extremely important to me. I'm glad that we could give you such wonderful experiences, even during those hard times. Honestly, I'm super flattered to be considered as a close friend by someone who was so awesome! And that's no exaggeration. You and everyone else I RP'ed with were the coolest people to me, and you were my best friends during those days.You were amazing writers, bringing the characters you would make to life, and bringing out the best in me. I miss RPing with everyone, and I also miss just talking to all of you. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is... It was truly my pleasure!
~The artist formerly known as DragonAura15)