Pokemon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I am XP)
(But I wanna know XP)
"Ooh, we should tell Tracey and Naa-san!" Harley gasped.

"Oh we will," Piper assured setting her suitcase somewhere. "Come on, let's go."

Topaz smiled at Aniyah. "Should we allow him to?"
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Victory, I have food! XP)
(Good XP)
(Don't worry about it XP)
"Do you think they'll say no ?"Selina asked nervously

"Let me just put mine in Carine's room"Heather said quickly going to the room
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yes! XP)
(Okay then XP)
"Pfft, of course not," Harley replied casually. "Besides, you're staying in my room."

"Oh so I get the messiest room of all time?" Piper asked.
"Oh, you'll be just fine, Piper," Charlotte said casually. "It only needs some cleaning."
"Which I'm gonna get Idan to do." Piper added.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DragonAura15 said…
"No, I want it to be a surprise!" whispered Aniyah before yelling to Luke, "Not yet!"
Luke folded his arms. "Fine."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(I know XP Lamb is pretty tough though XP)
(Yeah XP Good girl XP)
"Oh okay"Selina smiled

"Besides you already put your stuff down"Heather said coming back
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(It is? XP)
(Make up your mind XP)
"Do you want to get your stuff now or later?" Harley asked.

"Fine, I'll settle for this room," Piper sighed. "Now, let's go find the others."

"It's gonna be worth it, Luke!" Nick assured, slightly laughing.
"So, when is Luke's birthday?" Topaz asked Aniyah.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP)
(I'm gonna play pokemon black 2 XP)
"Are you busy ?"Selina asked Colin
"Kinda"Colin replied
"Okay" she said and turned to Harley, "We can get it later"

"Probably at the beach"Heather said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh dear XP)
(Do so XP)
"Oh okay," Harley smiled sheepishly. "What do you wanna do until then?"

"Aren't they at Undella Town?" Piper asked. (Thought that's where the villa would be XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP)
(Any good pokemon I can get at the ranch ? XP)
"Wanna explore the town ?"Selina asked

"That beach"Heather replied (Honestly I don't know XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Is it tasty though? XP)
(Riolu and Mareep I guess XP)
"Sure!" Harley replied happily.

"Well let's go search," Piper said walking out. (Well yeah since there are supposed to be many villas there XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(It was XP)
(Oh Mareep sounds pretty good XP)
"Let's do it!"Selina cheered running out

"Or call them ?"Heather suggested (Don't ask me that's your villa XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh goodie XP)
(It is XP)
"Yay!" Harley cheered following her out. "Bye Colin!"

"That sounds like a good idea, too," Piper agreed. (Undella Town it is XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Now cake XP)
(If I can find one XP)
"Bye girls"Colin waved

"I'll call Carine"Heather said taking out her phone
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I had lemonade XP)
(Oh they're easy to find XP)
(So yeah XP)

"Alright," Piper said watching her.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Cool XP)
(Not for me XP By the way, is it just me or does Azuril's sprite look heartbreaking ? XP It just looks so sad and frightened XP)
(Yeah XP)

And Heather called Carine
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(I finally looked back through all the pages((thanks to you two, Nojida and Vegeta, it took all day XP)) and found the character I had, the Ninja kid, so I'll be doing that now XP)

"Alright! I finally get to be the gym leader!" Hiro cheered, beaming in happiness and puffing his chest out in pride. His older sister, Janine of Fuschia City and the regular gym leader after their father was invited to join the elite four, ruffled his hair as if he were a child, much to his annoyance.

"Hold your horses there, squirt. It's only for a few days while I'm off on business. Just try not to lose too much, okay?" Hiro smirked.

"As if! A top class Ninja like me doesn't lose to anyone!" He boasted, and Janine sweat dropped.

"Remember when you lost against that boy in trainer school? You even had type advantage." She snickered, causing him to blush in embarrassment.

"That was a total fluke! Besides I was a mere child then! Now I'm a top class Ninja like you and dad! I promise I won't lose a single match! And a ninja doesn't go back on his word!" Janine laughed, ruffling his hair again, before nodding, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Alright then Hiro, I'll hold you to that. Now I've gotta go, so take care." She picked her bag, and Hiro nodded, his smile not dimming in the slightest.

"You too, sis. See ya!" He bid her farewell as she disappeared in a swirl of dust and leaves, leaving the 'top class Ninja' to his own devices. He then took a seat, beginning to regret offering to hold down the gym while she went out. "This is gonna suck if I don't get any challengers...I'll just be sitting her all day for four days!" He realized with a loud groan, resigning himself to just sit there until a challenger came in. Meanwhile, at least he had some friends to keep him company.

"Ghastly, Venomoth, Ekans, come on out!" He called, tossing three red and white spheres into the air. The spheres popped open, a beam of light shooting from each before they lifelessly fell back into his hands. The beams of light each began to take shape, slowly materializing, and then revealing themselves to be a Pokémon he'd released.

"So guys, how about we play a little game?" He asked deviously, causing all of his Pokémon to smirk back at him. Usually, whenever their trainer called them all out like this, it meant it was time to play 'Ninja tag', by far the most challenging game of tag one would ever play. Hiro quickly vanished in a swirl of leaves and dust much in the same manner his sister had, his voice echoing around the entire room.

"Not it!"
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Oh my, sorry to put you through this XD)
(It actually does XP I think it's the same way in the anime XP)
(Do we continue? XP)

"Hm?" Mawxy asked looking at Carine's phone and picked it up. "Why is this making noises?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Who cares about the anime ? XP)
(I don't know XP)

Heather continued to wait
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I don't know XP)
(We'll use them later XP)
"I think you have to touch this," Flagrace said showing him the green phone picture.
"Let's see." Mawxy said and touched it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Not me XP)
(Okay XP One thing that Gen V fixed is the EXP split XP And I love them for it XP)
"Oh, hello Carine"Heather said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Why not? XP)
(How does it work for Gen V? XP)
"It sounds like Heather," Flagrace noticed.
"Heather?" Mawxy gasped. "Would she be trapped in there?!"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Because the anime is awful XP)
(The lower level pokemon gets more EXP XP)
"Hello ?"Heather asked
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DragonAura15 said…
"Alright, guys. We've got a job to do," Toby told the others.
"Sounds like fun," Gilligan agreed. "So, right here on the beach?"
Aniyah nodded. "Yeah."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Good answer XP)
(Oh I actually noticed that XP)
"Heather!" Mawxy and Flagrace shouted in the phone.

"Ooh, are there gonna be fireworks, too?" Nick asked eagerly.
"What's with you and fireworks?" Topaz asked.
"What do you mean?" Nick blinked, and Topaz simply sighed.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(It is XP)
(It took me 20 minutes to get a Mareep XP Now that I want to train my pokemon I run into nothing but Mareep XP)
"I think her pokemon picked up"Heather said, "Mawxy, can you get Carine ?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Yeah XP)
(I know right? XP It's just ridiculous XP)
Mawxy gasped, "Carine must know how to get her out of this!"
"Let's give it to her!" Flagrace exclaimed floating off.
"Hang in there Heather!" Mawxy said running after Flagrace.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(You two talk too much XP)

(And I care about the anime, it ain't that bad these days XP)

Hiro smirked as he ran the walls of an entirely different room, hoping to have completely lost his Pokémon in the process. In Ninja Tag, it was every Ninja for themselves. You had to try and hide from everyone, and at the same time, manage to tag everyone before they got you. It was a sort of free for all in that sense, and since he lacked the super natural abilities of Pokémon, he was forced to use all his Ninja skills to keep up. It was very good training, in his eyes, and fun excersise for the Pokémon as well.

His musings were cut short when a purplish black, shadowy head fazed through the wall beside him, a dark smirk on it's face that was similar to Hiro's prior expression. "Crap!" Hiro exclaimed, propelling himself off of the wall with both his feet to avoid Ghastly's lunge, skipping back a few times upon landing on his feet to gain some distance. Ghastly fazed back into the wall, only to appear a second later behind Hiro, who whipped around just in time to see and in turn avoid another lunge from his ghost type partner.

Before their one on one tag could continue further, they were both ambushed by Ekans, who slithered into the room and lunged at Ghastly, who quickly moved to the side to avoid it. Ekans recoiled itself, this time preparing to lunge at Hiro, who had seen it coming. "Not gonna be that easy!" He said, before vanishing in a swirl of dust and leaves again, much to Ekan's annoyance, who turned back around to see Ghastly flying towards it.

Ekans snaked it's way around the lunge, before diving down towards Ghastly, who faded into the ground below just before it could get tagged. Ekans hissed violently when Ghastly reappeared, cackling at it's successful escape. Meanwhile, Hiro was once more in another room, this time prepared for an ambush, only to find that nobody was after him. He knew Ekans and Ghastly were still going at it, so that meant the only other competitor was Venomoth, whom tended to get lost far too often in their maze of A house, if you could even call it that.

It was more of a federal Japan styled mansion that expanded far into the forest surrounding it, which was why it didn't receive As many challengers as places like Cerulean or Celadon. It was a part of Fuschia city, but it was so far out into the wilderness most people never really found it unless one of the locals guided them there, which the locals were requested not to do too frequently by the Pokémon League Board of Directors. In reality, the only gym to receive even less challenger was the Cinnibar Gm, which was because blaine's gym was literally inside of a Volcano, and since the only way to find that out was through his cryptic riddles, it was even harder to find it than to actually beat him.

Hiro blinked, realizing his train of thought was entirely off track, before quickly looking around for anything suspicious. Seeing nothing was there, he moved onto the next room, surprised to see Venomoth directly in front of him. The two blinked at each other a few times, before quickly taking off in opposite directions, Hiro sweat dropping at his foolish mistake. It was common for a Ninja to use their Ninjutsu, 'transparent eyes', to look through doors and see if an enemy was preparing an ambush. Yet he had carelessly flung it open. No wonder he had lost to that boy at the trainer school all those years ago.

Putting those thoughts aside, he quickly scanned the room ahead, surprised to see Ekans and Ghastly still going at it. This is always really fun... he thought with a smile, before stealthily sneaking into the next room, wondering who would be tagged first.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(It's beyond ridiculous XP)
"I think they're getting her"Heather said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(And you type too much XD)
(Like really XP)
"They're just adorable," Piper giggled.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Not to mention I get paralyzed a lot XP)
"They are"Heather agreed
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(That's just plain annoying XP)
Finally, Carine's voice sounded from the phone. "Hello?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Yes it is XP I'm glad to be out of that range XP)
"Hey Carine!"Heather greeted
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(Yeah, but that's different XD)

Ekans slithered beneath another forward lunge, before curling around the body of the poison gas Pokémon, sure that it hid it trapped this time, only for ghastly to disappear in a flash of pink light, meaning it had escaped using the move teleport. Ekans hissed again. "Oh, so Pokémon moves are usable now, huh?" Ekans sled deviously, and Ghastly cackled as it reappeared on the other side of the room.

"Hah! Even with your moves, you'll never catch me alive!" Ghastly taunted, before it's eyes widened and it was forced to dodge a barrage of thin, finger sized needles. "Woah! Pin Missle? Even if I am immune to the poison effects of some of your moves, that was crazy!" It exclaimed, causing Ekans to smirk.

"Oh yeah? Well then, you shouldn't have used Teleport." It then fired another quick flurry of Pin Missles, before slithering after Ghastly, lunging at it headfirst from behind. Ghastly teleported away from the Pin Missles and Ekans, appearing only a few inches below the ceiling, before firing a Shadow Ball directly below it. Ekans flung itself out of the way just in time, as the Shadow Ball narrowly missed it's target and impaled the ground instead, leaving a mid sized crater in it's wake. Ekans's eyes narrowed at the cackling ghost and poison type.

"Oh, you wanna get serious? I can get serious too."

Meanwhile, Hiro nearly fell after a small tremor went across the ground. "Woah! Sounds like things are finally getting serious, huh? Better hurry up and win before they tear the whole house apart." He laughed, disappearing in a swirl of dust and leaves in search of the two responsible.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(To my mind it isn't XD)
(I'm sure you will XP)
"Oh, hi Heather!" Carine said happily.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(And I actually did what I set out to do today XP)
"Where are you guys now ?"Heather asked
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(It's a miracle! XP)
"Oh, we're in Undella Town," Carine replied. "At a beach...I don't know its name."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Totally beat Cheren XP)
"Well that narrows it down, thanks"Heather said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Hooray! XP)
"Have you arrived to Unova yet?" Carine asked.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DragonAura15 said…
"Sure, we can have fireworks!" Kitza answered Nick.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Guy killed Zappy though XP)
"Yes we have"Heather replied
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(I know the feeling XP)
"Oh, that's awesome!" Carine said happily. "Are you going to visit us?"

"Yes!" Nick cheered.
"I think the first thing we'll have to do is order a cake," Topaz snickered.

(I love this XD)
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DragonAura15 commented…
Agreed :3 Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Your Mareep was a victim of work up too ? XP)
"Of course we are"Heather replied, "That's why we wanna know where you are"

(What is this ? XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DragonAura15 said…
"Yeah... But where do we order it from?" Aniyah asked.
Meanwhile, Ralon and Fio (I swear this is the last time I'll change her name) were busy setting up on the beach.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(My whole team was XP)
"Ooh!" Carine said happily. "We'll be waiting for you, then!"

"There's an awesome store that sells candy and stuff in town," Nick offered. "I'm sure they can make cakes, too."

(The best Payphone parody I've ever heard XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Ouch ? XP Did spam quick attack ? XP)
"We'll be there soon"Heather said and hung, "They're in Undella town"

(I thought that was an original piece XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(Huh? XP)
"Let's go, then!" Piper said eagerly.

(Nope, it's a parody XP This is the original song XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DragonAura15 said…
Kitza glanced over at Luke, who was looking bored and impatient. "You know what, Aniyah? Go back over, and we'll call you if we need any tips."
"Oh, yeah, that's a good idea." Aniyah walked over to Luke.
"So are you going to tell me what all that was about?" he asked.
Aniyah winced. "Sorry, I really can't."
Kitza turned to Nick and Topaz. "Alright, let's visit that store. Toby, make sure everyone stays here."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TAIKAMODO said…
(Well your mind is wrong XD)

(I've heard that song before, it's hilarious XD)

"Oi, don't leave me outta the fun you two!" Hiro said, appearing inside the room where Ekans and Ghastly were doing battle. This was partially why Ninja Tag was so fun. Battles, races, you name it, could start at any moment, and as long as you didn't get tagged, you would remain in the insanity until only one remained. His sister Janine had played a few times, and won every time, especially when her Pokémon got involved too. But even when he knew he would lose, it was still a lot of fun.

Ekans fired a quick barrage of pin Missles at Hiro, who ducked beneath the tiny attacks before rushing towards Ekans, who slithered back and coiled itself up, preparing itself to strike. Ghastly suddenly appeared in Uiro's path, causing the boy to leap into the air to avoid the incoming collision. He slid a few feet away, before leaping towards a all, running horizontally across it and then kicking himself off of it so that he was flying directly at Ekans, who had already lunged at Ghastly but failed. As the Ghost type had fazed into the ground to cleanly evade it.

Ekans angled itself so that Hiro soared right by it, though it hadn't accounted for Hiro to propel himself back at it with his hands, and for Ghastly to simultaneously shoot a Shadow Ball at it's location. Hiro managed to escape the blast but pushing himself off of the snake Pokémon's back and landing on the wall, but Ekans had no such escape, and was caught in the blast. Ekans collapsed to the ground in exhaustion and pain from the Shadow Ball, meaning since it was hit by Ghastly's attack, it was by extension, eliminated.

"Woah! That was insane! Take a break Elans, you earned it!" Hiro said warmly, taking out the snale Pokémon's Pokéball and recalling it, the Pokéball popping open and turning Ekans into a red beam of energy, before sucking the energy beam up and snapping shut. Hiro then looked warily at Ghastly, who was still cackling. This only left him, Ghastly, and Venomoth. Venomoth was who knows where, and he and Hhastly were right here, face to face. Things were definitely getting interesting this game.
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Nojida commented…
Okay so from what I've understood, they're at a gym... Which one is it, though? XP Vor mehr als einem Jahr
TAIKAMODO commented…
The Fuchsia City Gym, the poison type one in Kanto. 'Cause Kanto's where it's at. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vegeta007 said…
(Did you use quick attack repeatedly ? XP)
"Alright"Heather said and all of a sudden they were in Undella town

(I know about that song XP I just his song was his even if it had the same beat, rhythm and lyrical style XP)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Nojida said…
(*Gasp!* The only person to call my mind wrong is myself! XP)
(Nope XP)
"Ah, how I love timeskips," Piper grinned walking ahead.

Nick grinned. "Yes! Follow the Champ!" he cheered, before running off.
"Hey, wait!" Topaz exclaimed, hurrying after him.

(How though? XP)
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