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when Du realize there's water on the road, when Du look up at eh sky, see nothing but clouds, when the lightning bolts draw across the sky, thunder rumblin' in my heart, i get those feeling whenever i'm with you
can this be Mehr perfect? when Du touch my face, when our hands are holding electricity runs through my veins, never ending, until the clouds start to roll away, please stay forever
when the clouds are gun and the sun is shining in, when the rain fades into the light, i get those feelings whenever Du are gone
can this be Mehr lifeless? when Du turn around and start to walk away, can this be Mehr tragic? when our hands release and the rainy Tag is gone, so stay forever
Chapter 2: Being Watched THE QUEST FOR NOVA

    Have Du ever felt like your being watched from all sides? Well that’s what i’m felling right now and I don’t like it! Because it makes fell like a freak but there’s no one there but is there?

    Eclipse walked down the straße looking all around her because she had that strange felling that she was being watched like there was someone around every corner and behind every bush. But Eclipse walked on to the little park witch was her Favorit place to go when things like what just happen with her mom....
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I want Du to guess who is talking in this poem
Liebe the Lyrics there very Inspirational
The Quest For Nova
Chapter 1 : Were do I Belong part 1
    Have Du ever felt like Du don’t belong? I have. Have ever felt like there something out there that Du are meet to do that’s so important be Du don’t know what it is? I have. I know its weird to fell this way but I do and I have know idea why. WHY. What a strong word like why did that magical thing happen to me that ever special Tag in the park when everything change for good oder for evil. Well that’s what Du choose.

    “Hey mom?” Eclipse sagte from her bedroom...
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