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CoreyCarlson posted on Oct 27, 2011 at 10:19PM
There is a very big problem going on in the Earth. Polluting. The worst case also as in littering. Earth has so much waste, that it can take up the whole entire Earth. Thats why we decompose that thanks to our followers as in Recycling. This is a major total count. This helps the Earth so much. We could break down all the waste In about 5 months if everyone picked up trash, not pollute, or litter. This is a major touchdown on how our lives will be clean, organized, and full of joy. Tell your friends and families. Together we are one big happy family if we can pick up trash. This also makes Earth a better place. A place full of amazing places that are exquisite. So help, do your share and MAKE EARTH HAVE A DIFFERENCE AND A BETTER PLACE! Thank you for your time.
-Corey Carlson

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