Anna Kendrick + Rebel Wilson = Awesome Movie
I LOVED this movie. No seriously, I really loved this movie. I thought I would like it after seeing the trailer since I was already a Fan of acapella back in college. Not to mention, I also have a crush on Anna Kendrick after seeing her in her Academy Award nominated performance in Up in the Air. And how can Du not Liebe Rebel Wilson after her hilarious performance in Bridesmaids? Combine these two amazing Schauspielerinnen with acapella and you've got a hit movie on your hands.

Kendrick plays Beca, an edgy freshman trying to fit in at college, who is focused on becoming a big DJ one day. She reluctantly joins the campus all-girl acapella group The Bellas and befriends a group of mismatched misfits that become a band of soulful sisters. They compete against their campus arch-rivals the Treblemakers for a chance to win the inter-collegiate national acapella championship. Comedy, romance and mash-ups ensue throughout.

Anna Kendrick really impressed me with her Singen voice (not to mention her rapping skills in No Diggity!). Rebel Wilson has so many lines that make Du burst out laughing in this movie. The script is snappy and the Schauspielen is sharp. But Du can't help but sing-along with the Bellas to songs like Just the Way Du Are, Tonight is the Night and Titanium. It's basically Glee for big kids but way funnier!

The buzz from the Vorschau screenings like the one I saw has been so positive that Universal is releasing it in select theaters early on September 28. Pitch Perfect opens nation-wide on October 5!
Go see this movie!