Yes. The Titel is true. To pick oder not to pick. That is my question. It is your job, dear fanpoppers, to answer. After Lesen this article/guide/storybook, when Du are educated picker, decide whether Du will fanpick oder not.

Pros and Cons of fanpicking.

Pros: Let's Du share your opinion. Let's Du get out your anger. Has cool icons. Has cool answers. Made Von fans, not the government. Not Obama oder Corporate America. THE FANS!

Cons:Takes up your precious time. Hurts your head when Du think about your decision too much.

Story Time!

There once was fanpicker named Sue. Sue was having an internal Debatte about whether she should continue picking. It hurt her head when she fanpicked, but she was addicted to it. She couldn't think without picking! She got a toothache just thinking about not picking! "HELP!" screamed Sue's internal debaters!

One day. Sue found To Pick oder Not to Pick. It was written Von alice_cullen_12. It helped her a lot. It had a story about a girl named Sue just like her! Storybook Sue was having the same internal Debatte that Sue was! To Pick oder Not to Pick changed Sue's life. Now, fanpoppers, it is your job to finish the ending. Will Sue quit, oder not? Du decide.

Examples of Picks:

Exhibit A: What is your Favorit Color?
1. Green

Exhibit B: Do Du like pie?

To Pick oder not to Pick? Answer Below!