In chroma key technique, both paper and muslin Fotografie backdrops can be used. However, when using paper backgrounds, Du may suffer from the following problems: -

1. Gets dirty – At the time of shooting, the backdrops can get dirty easily. And when the paper backdrops get dirty, they cannot be cleaned. Du will have to throw away the parts which are dirty.
2. Gets creased – The paper backgrounds easily get creases. When the backgrounds get creases, they become useless for shooting and have to be thrown away. The creases cause shadows, which make editing of Fotos and Videos later. Thus, Du need a smooth background for shooting so that it does not bend down.
3. Costs high – Since the paper backgrounds get creased oder dirty easily, these have to be bought new every time Du have to shoot. Thus, cost becomes high as compared to other types of backgrounds such as muslin. Also its cost of shipping is higher than its muslin counterpart.
4. Heavy and difficult to store – The chromakey backdrops made of paper have to be stored in rolls. These rolls become very heavy and difficult to store and transport, especially if the rolls are Mehr than 2m wide. We cannot even fold the paper backdrops because it would form wrinkles and creases in the backdrops.

Du should not use paper backgrounds in the situations when muslin backdrops can be used. These are much easier to use than paper backgrounds. Let’s discuss the advantages of using link over paper ones.

1. Light in weight – The paper backgrounds, as we have discussed, are heavy. However, backdrops made of muslin are very light in weight. These are easy to store and maintain. Transportation of muslin backgrounds is also easy. Du can take the entire Fotografie kit having muslin backgrounds to any location.
2. Washable and reusable – Since paper backgrounds cannot be cleaned when get dirty, those are not reusable. However, backdrops of muslin can be washed and used again and again.
3. Creases can be removed – When the backdrops of muslin get creased, the creases can be removed Von ironing. However, paper backgrounds have to be thrown away when creased.
4. Cost – Though the backgrounds made up of muslin are expensive than paper. However, the total cost of different shoots remains low when using muslin backgrounds, because these do not have to be purchased again and again for every shoot. One set of backdrops can be used again and again after washing and ironing.

Paper backdrops are a good option when the requirement is temporary, i.e. for one time shoot. However, if Du are in a Fotografie business, Du must buy muslin backdrops, because the need of backdrops arises frequently.
Muslin Backdrops for chroma keying