Green screen Fotografie has changed the way the shutterbugs work. The conventional ‘on-location shoot’ is not Mehr considered to be the most appropriate one. Apart from a lot of expenses in traveling and staying, an on-location shoot has many other limitations such as weather and permits. Moreover, there are certain locations that do not exist. For example; the Pandora of the movie Avatar was in created in the PCs. To address these issues, most photographers as well as videographers prefer the Chroma Key technique of background replacement.

Unlike the technology of superimposing the photographs, this principle is based on complete background replacement. It has been in use since 1990s and works with the help of few green Fotografie apparels such as a Chroma key green suit, gloves, hood, along with the background and software for editing the photographs. Although almost every professional as well as amateur photographer knows the proper usage of these apparels, specifically the suit, here are some facts that are not known to many of the users.

1. Not all shades of green will work well while keying out the background. The color of the green screen suit, the background, etc. should scientifically match with that of the Chroma key green. Even blue will be equally effective instead of the green but the other shades such as indigo blue oder baby blue will not give Du the desired results.

2. Even though manufacturers make all tall claims of making machine washable Chroma Key apparel, never try to do so. Washing will spoil your Favorit green suit. Du will get wrinkles on it, chances of discoloration are also high, and when washed frequently, chances of wear and tear are also high. The best way to keep your suit clean is to spot treat the stains. If the stains are very tough, soak the stained area in the water for some hours and wash it with a very light detergent. Never use a harsh detergent as it may cause further wear and tear.

3. Many people feel that shooting with a Chroma key green screen body suit is a child’s play. Du just have to make your subject wear it, and stand in front of the green backdrop. The truth however, is that it needs a lot of precision to get convincing results. Both the backdrop and the suit have to be seamlessly illuminated with no shadows not even on the floor. Achieving this accuracy needs some practice and some experimentation.

The better Du understand the uses of the green Fotografie kit, the easier it will be for Du to create magical pictures.