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phineas woke up one morning and sagte ferb i know what were going to do today!!just then isabella came in and sagte whatca doin!were going into the future to see what happens to us later in life(i want to see if candance really busts us for the most part)on the other hand isabella was over welmed what if her and phineas are together in the future?what if were not? she had to know!at the museam they got in the time machine and flashed into the future( isabella was in phineas land whaen it happened )she snaaped out of it just in time to see phineas"s eyes widen.she looked down the issle to see her and phineas getting married!phineas looked at her in disbelief her eyes teared up and she ran out of the church crying ISABELLA WAIT!!!!!scearmed phineas look for the new chapter every friday!