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Die Fanauswahl: Wendy
Die Fanauswahl: A Dreamer/Believer like Wendy
Die Fanauswahl: Captain Hook/The Pirates
Die Fanauswahl: Yes!!
Die Fanauswahl: With
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2ndStarGirl01 sagte …
Does anyone have any Kürzlich experiences? If so please message me! I would Liebe to see what others know oder have experienced! Thanks, Kate gepostet vor einem Monat
2ndStarGirl01 sagte …
Me and my friend were calling on peter tonight and we got some good results. We asked a few Fragen and he made some noises! I saw his head twice and we kept seeing this shiny metal thing. I dont know what it was though. Do Du know? We had her window open and we smelled this very amazing aroma it was like rain, pine, mint, berries and a lot of other smells of nature. I wanted to see him soon and so we asked "will Du take us flying oder Zeigen yourself soon?" and he shook branches meaning yes. gepostet vor einem Monat
singing sagte …
that is a good sign that u wished for peter to come visit u and take u to neverland, must be a good sign dear. and i will tell u what peter looks like, he has golden black and auburn hair, and he wears leaves and he has tanned white skin and he flies like superman.
thats all i could remember , hope this helped u dear. gepostet vor 2 Monaten