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it's been a while since I gepostet my #10-#6 Anime so I thought I should probably follow this up Von now. So without further ado, my oben, nach oben 5 anime!

#5 - Fate/Zero

I've kind of combined both seasons into this because, like Code Geass, Du really can't have one without the other, but they're both amazing. (I think I slightly prefer the first season Mehr tho). Fate/Zero has probably the best action/fight scenes that I've seen in anime. The Animation is beautiful and fluid and the characters are actually smart while fighting which makes it interesting and not terribly one-sided. There's so much going...
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Alright, so not too long Vor I decided on my oben, nach oben 10 anime, and I figured this would be a good place to right about why they're my favourites. I'm really not eloquent and the reasons will most likely be repetitive but Hey I'm bored and it might convince someone to watch one of my faves so why not ^^

I'll start from 10 and go to 6 for now, since I don't want to be Schreiben for too long u.u

#10 - Psycho Pass

I decided to watch this because it had been compared to my number 1 anime, and while I do see the resemblances, Psycho Pass is a lot Mehr action packed and features a really cool cyberpunk setting....
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