Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter Similarities between HP and PJ

harrypotterbest posted on Sep 20, 2010 at 09:42PM
I wonder how many there are?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr harrypotterbest said…
1. Both have sea green eyes
2. Untidy black hair
3. Two companions
4. Enormous power that they both didn’t want
5. Females have curly/bushy hair
6. Attend boarding schools
7. Have a ‘safe place’ to go
8. Have a prophecy that could apply to two people
9. Participate in wars that the Muggles/Mortals don’t know about
10. Love triangles: Percy/Luke/Annabeth, Ron/Hermione/Lavender or Severus/James/Lily
11. Both enemies ‘killed’ their fathers
12. Enemies both ‘came back to life’
13. They both have a Percy!
14. Both use the word ‘Half-Blood’
15. Females are both super-smart and excellent at duelling/fighting
Vor mehr als einem Jahr GemonkDruid said…
16. Both are epic!
17. Both have a variety in characters.
18. Both have one key villian with a few minions.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr harrypotterbest said…
^ Few Minions?!?!?!?! The Death Eaters are way more than a few!!!
Bellatrix, Rodulphus, Lucius, Draco, Snape, Avery, Mulciber, Alecto, Amycus....
The Dementors, The Giants...
I think Voldy is the main male villain. I mean, [book 7] Harry called Snape 'The man he hated as much as Voldemort himself' and Bellatrix, well, he used the Cruciatus Curse on her!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
19) Both have a Charlie.
20) Both have an Argus.
21) Both have a wise old teacher/mentor they look up too.
22) Both started out living with a horrible relative constantly.
23) Both are immensely popular.
24) Both have movies made about them.
25) Both can speak to at least one animal.
26) Both have well-known fathers.
27) Both come across a large three headed dog.
28) Both have traitors. (To clarify, PJ: Luke and HP: Percy.)
29) Both lose many people close to them.
30) Both didn't know the truth about themselves for the first decade or so of their life.
31) Both are leaders.
32) Both are famous without really trying.
33) Both have smaller, more minor, eniemes.
34) Both have insightful dreams.
35) Both have some problems with classes.
That's all I got right now.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr harrypotterbest said…
For the traitor thing, I don't think Percy is one. He's just a ministry-loving, family-disowning, power-hungry moron.
Snape is the real traitor, but in a good way.
Peter is another traitor - but him in the bad way!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
Yeah, true. I had just made a pick question about Percy so he was on the brain. Yeah, Peter is the main traitor in the way I was speaking of.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr GemonkDruid said…
@Best: calm your llama woman!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr harrypotterbest said…
XD that made me calm down for sure!
 XD that made me calm down for sure!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
Okay, I'm not sure what just happened there, but- oooh! Cake!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
Wow we got off subject fast.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr harrypotterbest said…
Yeah that's true >.<
I'm not sure about this one but -
36) Both hear voices in their heads
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
Haha, awesome! That sounded pretty funny!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
Oh! Re-re-reading Sorcerer's Stone just gave me some more!

37) Both contain articles of clothing allowing the wearer to become invisible.
38) In both, food appears on plates when eating.
39) {expander on 28} Both have traitors that return to the good side.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr harrypotterbest said…
40) They both use golden coins to communicate.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
Man! I had another one, but I forgot it!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr simpleplan said…
41) Both would have not got far without there friends
Vor mehr als einem Jahr dinavidscuitee said…
Luke never returns to the good side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
booknerd4622 commented…
Yes he does. He ended his life to defeat Kronos. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
42) Both have a main character that is terrified of spiders.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LinaHarrow said…
43)Both have oaths that you can't break-Unbreakable Vow and River Styx.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Angel-Trix said…
44) Both main characters have the coolest dreams!..NOT!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr loony4luna said…
45 they fight with "magical" items
Vor mehr als einem Jahr eyal10 said…
what makes the halfbllod gang ivisible
Vor mehr als einem Jahr duncylovescourt said…
46) both have centaurs
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LifesGoodx3 said…
47) Both fight something that they can't look in the eyes (PJ: Medusa, HP: Basilisk)
48) Both are called a celebrity by an adult they do not like.
49) Both use a sword that was not originally theirs
50) Prophecies
Vor mehr als einem Jahr liverpoolrock05 said…
51)Both have winged horses
Vor mehr als einem Jahr labyrinth75 said…
52) Both Fight in a war against someone who is immensly powerfull
53) Both survive their war
54) Both series have giants
55) Both have a forest outside their safe place (HP:The Forbbidon Forest PJ:Place where they do Capture the Flag)
56) Both Harry & Percy never met anyone from their family who had powers until after the first decade of their lives.
57) Both Harry & Percy have a pet (HP: Hedwig PJ: Mrs O'Leary)
58) Both Harry & Percy done something heroic countless times before their war
59) Both Hermione & Annabeth are really smart
60) Both Hermione & Annabeth have eight letters in their first names
61) Both Harry & Percy have five letters in thier first names
62) Both Harry & Percy play a sport in their safe place (HP: Quidditch PJ: Capture the Flag)
63) Both Harry & Percy kiss someone before they get with person who they love. (Harry: Cho Percy: Rachel)
64) Both Harry & Percy meet the person whos in charge more than once. (HP: The Minister of Magic PJ: Zeus
65) Both have Centaurs
66) Both have one main character who has red hair (HP: Ron PJ: Rachel)
sugarpalstar commented…
I think centaurs has already been listed! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr deargirl12 said…
67) Both would die for their friends and the villains used this quality of theirs to try to defeat them.
68) Both of them were subjected to a prophecy that would've easily applied to someone else than themselves. (Harry or Neville; Percy, Thalia or Nico)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr loony4luna said…
51)didnt know thier dads well
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CutieHPL0V3R said…
69)Both have some enormous ally. (HP: Hagrid, PJ: Tyson)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CutieHPL0V3R said…
70) Both are half-bloods/halfbloods. (Harry having a Muggle born witch mother and a pure blood father ; Percy having a Mortal mother and a Olympian father)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Microbat said…
71.) Both have trouble making twins (PJ: Travis and Connor; HP: Fred and George)
72.) This is more like a difference really, but it's still cool! Percy looks forward to summer for camp and hates school. Harry looks forward to school for Hogwarts and hates summer...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AlohomoraCloak said…
73) Both have a blonde person who regrets what they did. (Luke, Draco.)

74) Both have their wise mentor replaced by someone unfair. (Umbridge, Tantalus.)

75) Both have met their enemy's family (The Malfoys, Luke's mum and Luke's Dad)

76) Both have a goofy, funny companion as well as a feisty, intelligent companion.

77) Both have someone who could predict the future. (the Oracle/Seer.)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr AlohomoraCloak said…
78) Both like/date redhead. (Rachel for Percy, Ginny for Harry)

79) Both go through immense pain in a point of the books. (being Crucio'd/holding the sky.)

80) Both mentors had a secret.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Yashi1134 said…
81) Both have people with blonde hair and gray eyes (Draco/Lucius Malfoy and Annabeth)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sugarpalstar said…
82) Both have a main character, a main male friend, and a main female friend.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Jayda310 said…
83) Both have fathers that COULD be considered superior to the mothers (Harry's father was a pureblood while his mother was a muggle-born. Percy's mother is a mortal while his father is an Olympian.)

84) (It's been a while since I read Percy Jackson so this might be wrong) Bother have people categorized in 3 groups. (Muggleborn,Pureblood,Half-blood -that's if we don't count muggles and squibs- vs Mortals, Olympians, and Half-bloods)

85) This been said but both have half-bloods and-

86) the main characters are half-bloods

Wow, I'm late for this conversation!
vor 9 Monaten Mykel321321321 said…
87) Both must find an import item that is made up of two words and three syllables in the first book (Lighting bolt/ Sorcerer's stone)
88) In second book, hero must find lost friend with name that begins with G (Ginny/Grover) who is trapped in a dark underground place (cave/chamber of secrets) with a monster (Polyphemus/Basilisk).
89) must help person with name ending in the sound "iss" (Artmeis/Sirius) escape in third book.
90) must navigate through maze in fourth book.
91) Both series are called the name of the main character.
92) Name of the main character has two syllables in first and last name

I'm even later!
vor 9 Monaten Mykel321321321 said…
93) In the first book, the item that they must find turns out to be with them the whole time.
vor 9 Monaten Mykel321321321 said…
94) Both have moms that sacrifice themselves for them.
95) both main characters are an only child
96) All important characters are white.
97) Male sidekick is obsessed with food (Grover/Ron)
98) Their unlikable relative(s) (Smelly Gabe/Dursleys) turned out to be there so that their mortal/muggle smell will keep the main character safe from enemies.