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Chapter 2
Annabeths POV

My pain is worsening everytime I see Percy. He holds her, like even if the world is about to explode, she makes him feel better. I wish he would look at me like he used to - like he'd do anything to save the world - to save me. Why couldn't things be the way it used to be? I know I am the one that led the seperation, but I couldn't stand to see Percy everday.

I knew it wasn't smart, I went against Athena's wishes. I should have listened to my mother. It wasn't smart liking Percy, even in the littlest bit.

It was just 3 weeks ago, when I insisted Camp Half Blood should be...
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Percys POV Since were 18 now, we're technically adults. I can do what I want to do. I'm independent. "Okayyyyyy" I say and I take Rachel under the sea and she starts talking. She seems nervous, so I hope everything is okay. If she's in harm that would be bad. Rachel is my world, my everything. I would do anything for her, and I'm sure what I'm going to do right now is the right thing. I was Mehr sure right now than I have been in my whole life. I feel secure with Rachel, which is the opposite of what I feel for Annabeth, thats the main reason I'm not dating her instead of Rach. Rachel starts...
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Annabeth’s point of view

Chapter 1

Hi, Annabeth here. Let me introduce Du to what has happened since Percy started officially going out with Rachel, and not me. Rachel was just about to leave Percy when he pleaded her to stay with him at Camp. We just got out of the Labyrinth, and they were finally going to go there separate ways. Since Percy was so relieved that he was dating Rachel and she wasn’t going to leave him, he went right up to The Princess Andromeda, Von himself dragged Luke to a cliff, and pushed him off. Then, he smashed Kronos to 1,000,000,000,000,000,003 pieces. I was utterly...
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Annabeth: She is strong, pretty, intellegent, and is sometimes friendly,reliable
Rachel: She accepts that demi-gods are real, good painter, nice
Clarisse: independent,strong,reliable,courageous
Claypso:nice,sweet,understanding,pretty,awesome(I Liebe her character!)
Bianca:Nice,Thoughtful,reliable,understanding, doesn't get angry
Thalia:Independent,Reliable,Strong,sometimes nice
Zoe Knightshade:Independent,Understandin(sometimes),Reliable
Sally Jackson:understandable,nice,caring

Any other things Du have nice to say about the girls? I didn't add everything,the descriptions just came to my head, and I didn't really think about it. And yes, all the girls are pretty, but I didn't want to make all the girls look girly girly when they aren't. I couldn't really say anything about Annabeths's dad's wife, so I didn't add her! Sorry!
Rachel's Point Of View. Luke. He is all I think about. Whenever I am Küssen Percy, I think of Luke.
It's wrong, I know. Percu meant to kill Cronos and Luke that day, but everything went wrong. It was April ninth. Percy, Annabeth(who obviously still loves Percy), Beckendorf, Clarisse, even Silena, and me(I realy didn't want to go) went on board the Adromeda. Annabeth begged her mom for lots Mehr invisibilit caps,and her mom caved in. Though, the caps, except Annabeth's lasted 30 minuets. We went to the Cronos's room. But the other person in the room could smell us. Before he sagte anything...
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Thalia: short attention span sometimes,gets mad easily,does not listen to people like Percy
Zoe:Has short focus/attention span easily,gets mad easily
Silena:Backstabbed & friends
Rachel:Mortal,doesnt like Annabeth,doen't understand a lot of stuff,expects Percy to know and suceed withought knowledge of what he has been through.
Juniper:Too weak to go out on missions,hides
Bianca:Dead,overprotective of Nico(too much???)
Annabeth:gets frusturated easily,doesn't like Rachel
Clarisse:Gets mad easily, doent think of what she is doing.
Sally Jackson Overprotective(a little)
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OK guys here is my best shot at it. Hope Du like it! If I get 150+ Ansichten I'll put the rest that I have written up!

My name is Annabeth Chase. Before Du get started Lesen I would just like to tell Du that if at any point during this book Du fell like this has happened to you, stop reading. Put the book down and forget Du ever started reading. Anyways this is completely fantasy.
Well, I'm thirteen years old. I'm the daughter of the Greek goddess Athena, Goddess of wisdom. That makes me a half-blood. There are thousands of half-bloods world wide. Some lead normal lives and others train to...
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