Chapter 3
Like A Hollywood Movie

​It was like a Hollywood movie, with the special effects and full body armor. There were some people sword-fighting, some people going into their cabins. A centaur led him to the Hermes kabine (which is for the Hermes offspring and the undetermined) when Percy and Annabeth told the centaur that he was Apollo’s offspring.
​Ellis was led to kabine #7. Percy and Annabeth sagte goodbye and headed to their cabins. Ellis noticed that Annabeth was going to Athena’s cabin, and Percy was going to Poseidon’s cabin—
​Wait, what? Ellis thought.
​“I thought the Big Three weren’t supposed to have kids,” Ellis whispered.
There were four statues of Apollo in each corner, illuminated Von the sunlight. A few other people were there. Great, he thought. I’ve got half-sisters and half-brothers. Just like a half-blood. Half in every one of them. It was too much to process. He just couldn’t sit still. He had to stand up and walk around. So that’s what he did. He looked at the statues, looked at the sunlight (he thought, wait, what?), and looked at his half-relatives. And they all looked hot, and he didn’t mean the sun, but like a Hollywood movie again.
A sign in Ancient Greek read:
Apollo, god of archery, music, poetry, truth, prophecies, medicine, and the current god of the sun.
That night, he continued the tour with Annabeth (Percy trudged along sometimes, but normally sat on his bett in his cabin) and he saw the newer cabins. There were twenty of them, at least. There were cabins being made right then, so Ellis got a closer look. Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed in the construction site.
The sunset was beautiful. The demigods sat at around the campfire and sang songs. There were barely any notes, so he figured these songs had been around for a long time.
Then everything seemed to change. Utter silence. He figured something unusual was happening, and sure enough, a person a few seats Weiter to him, Weiter to Annabeth and Percy (which he figured were dating), instead of a regular half-blood sitting there, green mist oder fog was surrounding her.
Percy scooched over to him and whispered, “That’s Rachel. She’s a mortal, but she’s the Oracle now.”
“What’s the Oracle?” Ellis asked. But Percy was already back in his seat. Ellis sagte hello to the person Weiter to him, who seemed to be in the Hephaestus cabin. His clothes were singed, but he seemed to not be harmed to what seemed like fire. He also had a callus, but he was scooching around so fast, Ellis wasn’t exactly sure where he saw it.
The mortal that was surrounded in the mist—the Oracle, as Percy called it, oder Rachel—was speaking in an old, raspy voice.
Six half-bloods shall seek west,
One of which will get lost,
In the place with no cacti,
But instead with surrounding highlands.
Two shall perish from the world,
But five shall come out from the Underworld.
Six half-bloods shall seek,
For the thing that is hidden,
Except from the ones of the forges.
“Whoa,” Ellis sagte aloud. He was paralyzed in shock. “What was that?”
A lot of talking about the prophecy came around. In a minute, the word that someone from Hephaestus kabine had to go on the quest to the Underworld. They were the only ones that had any idea about “the thing that was hidden”, but since Ellis was new, he didn’t have any idea what the prophecy meant.
“Does anybody know where the Underworld is?”
Everybody shouted, “West!”
Well, everybody except for a handful of people; Annabeth, Percy, one of the so-called satyrs, and himself. Ellis didn’t know why, but he felt a tingling that told him, and they all sagte it;
“Hollywood, California.”