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posted by Reyna4ever25

•    Everyone was staring at him. Only the old lady June looked unfazed
“Well, that was a lovely trip,” she said. “Thank you, Percy Jackson, for
bringing me to Camp Jupiter.”
One of the girls made a choking sound. “Percy…Jackson?”
She sounded as if she recognized his name. Percy focused on her,
hoping to see a familiar face.
She was obviously a leader. She wore a regal purple mantel over her
armor. Her chest was decorated with medals. She must have been about
Percy’s age, with dark, piercing eyes and long black hair. Percy didn’t
recognize her, but...
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Hello Preyna shippers! First of all I want to Bestätigen one thing – I am not a Percabeth hater. Believe me, still I don’t hate Percabeth but the reason I like Preyna is totally different. Annabeth is one my favourite characters, but Reyna seems to be much Mehr suitable to Percy according to me.

If Du think I started shipping Percy with Reyna the moment she was introduced without even thinking about it then Du are wrong. I started liking the idea of Preyna after a complete understanding of Reyna. Which proves that I don’t ship them for any silly reason....
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