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Source: me, and this adorable, sleeping lemur.
Cowtails ran over to Blowhole and clinged to him.

"Don't go! I want to help destroy the penguins!" Then she shook he head, "why the heck am I hugging BLowhole?"

I glared, "whoever's cruel joke it is to control Cowtails, knock it off! That includes you, Blowhole!"

The rest of my team looked around.

"Don't look at me, I am not the cause of this." Sweet Pripper sagte slowly.

"It's so not my fault..." Blowhole muttered.

"liar!" Sweet Pripper snapped.

"Let's go Blowy." Cowtails sagte with a girlish giggle which isn't her at all!

I growled under my breath.

"OH NO Du DON'T!" Sweet Pripper suddenly...
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posted by Rico123
I want to tell Du all about my life story....how I grew up and how I got this scar and my voice cracking......I may cry....but Marlene has helped me threw this....and I want to share it all with u guys.....

When I was 6 years old.....I was out swimming....having the Time of my life...my mom was watching me....it was a good day....until my mom saw a Scorka come towards me....she jumped in and grabbed me out of the water.....and I turned around....and she was gone.....I was so heartbroken to see my mom die right in front of my eyes....I went threw a deep depression.....I had to go to therapy.....and...
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posted by spmana123
Skipper and Marlene searched high and low for Rico in every place they would think where Rico would be, but had no luck. They searched threw New York, going threw each ally way, store and street, seeing if they could find him, but still no luck.

Skipper: ugh....where is he?

Marlene: who knows?

Skipper then turned around and stopped Marlene in her tracks and got up in her face.

Skipper:who knows?! Who knows?! Don't Du care about him?! I don't Liebe you?! I never had!! But Rico did!! He had a happy face on every time he came home!! He cared about you, hell, he wouldn't shut up about you!!

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posted by spmana123
Rico and Marlene begun to hang out a lot and go out at night, making skipper angry because one if his men wouldn't hang out with him that much anymore.

Skipper was training with Kowalski and private, when he saw Rico and Marlene holding hands walking around the zoo

"Oh hello skipper" sagte Marlene,"how's your Tag been?"

"Fine...just fine...." sagte skipper, kicking the Rock Weiter to him into the water.

"Hey skipper, hee....I've never felt like this before.....I can actually Zeigen my feelings towards someone I love!" sagte Rico, grabbing Marlene's hands.

Skipper became agitated, he hated this side of...
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It had been hours since skipper had seen his face....his lifeless face, he could never forget the way he found Kowalski, he just prayed that private wasn't like Kowalski either.

Rico: private! Private! Where is he?!

Marlene: he's got to be somewhere! Hey skipper, lets check the other building, maybe well have Mehr luck in there.

Skipper:sure....lets go....

The four then proceeded to go to the other building, hoping to find some trace of where he was.

Julien: private! Private! Where are you!

They searched high and low, bathrooms, emtpy rooms, anywhere, but had no luck, until they ran across a body....
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Skipper: ugh....what the?....where am I?

Skipper had woken up, wondering where the heck he was.

Skipper: dammit....I must be in the main building...I've got to get back to private!

skipper got up and started to walk back to the 2nd building entrance, but heard a familiar voice that stopped him in his tracks.

???:skipper.... This way...


???:get to julien...please....he's on the verge of snapping....

Skipper: .....that voice sounded like...Maurice's...

Skipper quickly went to where the voice had told him to, and found himself inside the boys bathroom.

Skipper had checked all the stalls to...
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posted by queenpalm
Sorry, this is a comparatively short part. Though, enjoy!

Rico let go of Kowalski and got two bats, one for him, and one for Urka. Ru grabbed Kowalski and pulled him out into the main room. Private was hiding under the tabelle (or at least was trying), while Johnson was watching the fight, ready to jump in when he must. 
Ru looked over at Ivy. She was panting, one flipper holding her swollen belly. Ru set Kowalski down and ran over to her.
"Ivy, is it happening?" Ru asked.
Ivy used her strength and gave a nod. 
"We need some help!" Ru exclaimed. Johnson came over, and Ru explained everything as...
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