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i made this using Word Art in Word 2010
Die Pinguine aus Madagascar
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Source: Credit goes to Nickelodeon and the creators of The Penguins Of Madagascar, of course
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here Du go! :D
CHAPTER ONE: Long time no see, bro!

It was around 10:00 pm in the New York City. Alice the Zookeeper was standing in front of the küche desk, her ears full of classic rock music, shaking her hips in dancing moves and humming her favourite song. She was in quite a good frame of mind right now. The visitors were gone, the Tiere were fast asleep, the whole zoo area was dead calm and still and nobody would interrupt her. Since she had the whole küche to her own disposition she decided to take the advantage of it and prepare herself her favourite meal, Perfetto Deluxe, she hadn't been eating...
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Well...what the Titel says ^^ Made Von little Kowalski ^^ Luv ya :)
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 The Skilene theory
The Skilene theory
I watched The otter Woman two times, but in the Sekunde I noticed something more.
Many Fans will say: "Skipper fell for Arlene, not Marlene!". Yes. This is true (except if Skipper was really pretending). But in this episode, is almost clear that Skilene (Skipper and Marlene pairing) happens.

1 - Skipper sagte Marlene is the right "guy" for help them. He ignored the real guys. Skilene probability: 35%

2 - When Skipper fell for Arlene, he says something "flirty" about her [Arlene]. In the same scene, Marlene gets jealous and annoyed. She also sagte "Skipper". Only "Skipper". She don't became annoyed/jealous...
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marlene:"skipper skipper were are you?"
skipper was sleeping in the hq like always.
marlene:"oh there Du are WAKE UP"
the shout startled skipper resalting in him wakeing up.
marlene:now that your awake heres what I woke Du up for since it is your bday the old squrel made a gift for you.
skipper:oh well in that case.*runs out*
kowalski:hey whate up
at the tree.
shalla(old squrel):young worreir I persent Du with this *holds link sout*
skipper:"you don't expet me to ware that do you?"
shalla:put it on"
*skipper puts on the link sout*
shalla:now come with me theres Mehr to be shown"
*skipper floows shalla...
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