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posted by kivamarie
the story starts with me waking up in the rainforest. yup that's me I'm Kiva a maus I look like minnie maus but different. I wear a rosa bow a rosa dress and rosa shoes. and I have brown eyes.

Me: (wakes up) ugh my head (looks around) Hey where am I? one moment i was sleeping and the Weiter thing I know I'm in a rainforest, I better get up and get a better look (tries to get up but lays on the ground) ow! why can't I get up (looks at my leg it was broken and it had blood stains on it) oh no oh no my leg i think it might be broken! but how am i suppose to check to see if my leg is broken? there's only one way to be sure (feels my leg then when i touched my leg it was broken) ow! (holds my leg with my hands in a curled ball persition) my leg it really is broken (tears coming out of my eyes) oh no what am i going to do? (tries to stay calm) now try to stay calm Kiva I'm sure I'll think of something (tears comes out of my eyes again) but my leg is broken and I'm in pain and i don't know what to do (tears in my eyes) no don't panic Kiva you're a Merida - Legende der Highlands and tough maus I'll just need to survive yes that's it try to survive and try to stay alive.

knowing the fact that i was injured,scared, and in pain I calm myself down and realize that i need to survive in the rainforest

Me: (singing) (still holding my leg with my hands) I'm a survivor! I'm not gonna give up! I'm not gonna stop! I'm gonna work harder! I'm a survivor! I'm gonna make it! I will survive! keep on surviving!

after i was done Singen I notice it was getting dark.

Me: (still holding my leg with my hands starts shivering) uh oh it got dark and I'm shivering what am I going to do think Kiva think, i got it I'll make a feuer yeah that's it I'll make a feuer perfect for light so i won't get scared of the dark. but how am i going to make a feuer with my leg broken? ah ha i got it

so then i crawled to get a stick i broke the stick into half then puts one half on this side of my broken leg then i put this half on the other side of my broken leg. after I put two sticks on both sides of my broken leg i use a vine to tie up my broken leg.

Me: there perfect but if i try to get up my leg will be in Mehr pain than before I guess I'll crawl with one leg then.

so I crawl with one leg then i grab some sticks then crawl back to where i woke up.

Me: perfect okay i hope i got something in my backpack (looks inside my backpack) ah ha a lighter and paper I'll use the paper then I'll use a lighter to make fire.

first i place the paper on the pile of sticks then use the lighter and presto i made fire.

Me: I did it I made fire! the feuer is perfect for light Essen and to keep me warm for the night (yawns) it's getting late I guess it's time for me to go to sleep and then tomorrow I'll start looking for Essen and water.

so I lay down on the ground Weiter to the feuer then I fell asleep knowing that tomorrow i will start looking for Essen and water to survive.

but little did i know that skipper was in the bushes spying on me sleeping then he left.

well how do Du guys like it? leave a Kommentar below I'm going to get started on chapter 2 of survival :)
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