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Die Fanauswahl: Ryan O'Reily
Die Fanauswahl: Yes
Die Fanauswahl: I'm like the lord of the fucking dance.
I&# 39; m like the lord of the...
&# 34; Lights out&# 34; means &# 34; Shut the...
Die Fanauswahl: of course he was in love.
Die Fanauswahl: the talent Zeigen - beecher & shillinger duet!
the talent Zeigen - beecher & amp;...
when the inmates took over oz
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taini sagte …
is there anywhere Du can watch the seasons for free on line oder buy them on DVD oder something? is it even based on a true story oder a figment of someone's imagination? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
princessivanova Kommentiert…
well, there are certain PROJECTs, that specialize on providing FREE TV shows to watch online. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
princessivanova Kommentiert…
i can't help Du anymore than that, sorry Vor mehr als einem Jahr
princess829 Kommentiert…
If you're still looking, Du can purchase the series pretty much anywhere (ie eBay, Bullmoose, Amazon)- if you're an amazonas, amazon Prime member Du can stream the entire series for free. And writer/creator Tom Fontana has stated in interviews that the Zeigen is based off a mixture of some of his experiences oder stories that inmates had told him (he studied & visited various prisons for over 10 years before creating OZ), whereas some were indeed figments from his imagination (ie Schillinger giving Beecher his tat). Hope this helps. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
PhoenixFlames sagte …
No Father strahl, ray Mukada in this club :( should put some on it! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr