O:forget about that guy forget about the way Du fell into his eyes forget about his charms forget about the way he held Du in his arms walking on airs obnakeches the thrills the chills will make Du nashes and you'll never get eneth just forget about love..forget about romance forget about the way your herz begins to dance then Du feel the blash when he's spouting out some sontamentel mosh Liebe relly is revolthing it's even worse then when your molting eneth of this floff just forget about Liebe ST:I had allmost forgoten the way it felt when he held out his hand for mine my herz all a-flatter O:oh how I shudder ST:the first time we kissed O:it won't be missed forget about his touch ST:I can't forget about his touch O:in the schem of things it does'nt matter mach ST:it matters so mach O:your better on your own a meal becames a banquit when Du eat alone ST:mmmmmmmm O and ST:loves filled with compramises O:and don't Du just hate those big sapries ST:a cozy randavoe O:oh plz ST:candle light for 2 O:oh chez ST:look Du calling my bloff I can't forget about love....ST:I can't forget about my herz RJ:I can't forget about my herz ST:and how it felt to fall for Du right from the start RJ:I'm still falling ST:whatever we may do RJ:whatever we may do ST:you'll be there for me and I'll be there for Du RJ:I'll be there..RJ AND ST:to wish to want to wander to find the sun through rain and thounder RJ:a cozy randavoe ST:yes plz RJ:candle light for 2 O:oh chez eneth is eneth RJ AND ST:we can't forget about love.