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A lineart i did on deviantART. Thought Mehr people should see it.
Ouran High School Host Club
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OHSHC chapter 69 FINALLY came out! So here we go!
It starts out with Tamaki standing in his bedroom, the door to his balcony WIDE open. He's commenting on the beauty of the earth, totally ignoring the feezing cold air of winter which is pretty much killing his dog Anne (for short). The maids are all freaking out about how cold it is and Tamaki doesn't even have a clue because he's in love. lol
Well, Du get a little flash back to him and Hikaru. He tells Hikaru that's he's sorry and thanks him. Hikaru asks him if he finally understands. Tamaki says that he Liebe Haruhi a lot.
While Haruhi is walking...
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the 2nd Jahr students of Kaibara Public High School were going on a class trip, during the bus ride, they all suddenly had the urge to pee. the bus driver was so stupid that he thought a big schloss thingy was a rest stop. most of the students were skeptical, but they got off anyway. when they all filed into the enormous building, a group of 5 teenagers known as kyo, tohru, yuki, hanajima and uo drifted away from the rest of the class. they kept wandering until they found a room labeled "Music Room #3" when they opened the giant brown doors, a gust of rose pedals showered their faces. unfamiliar...
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The Ouran High School Host Club opening theme; except the lyrics are sung (shrieked) Von Youtube user, 千一.
Ouran High School Host Club