Haruhi had enough, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back oder in this case the Süßigkeiten cane that broke the reindeers back.
These guys were destined to turn this innocent, fun, sane holiday into the exact opposite.
For instance, the twin elves up to their seducing of the Ouran High School ladies, once again. Along with the blond haired Santa without a beard, a reindeer with glasses and a notepad. A talking gingerbread man with a bunny and walking Weihnachten baum beside him.
If this wasn’t madness, Haruhi wasn’t sure what was.
Every Jahr this happen but to turn her most precious holiday drove her mad and out of the room.
She decided it best to take a break from holiday hosting and go see her father it was Weihnachten eve and there was no work to be done.
Sure the girls would be looking for her but right now they’d just have to make do with the original host members instead.
She tapped lightly on the door before entering. “Hello dad, hello.”
There was no response, she figured he went out for a bit to shake off some of his depression. This was another Jahr without his wife and she could only imagine how it must feel to be all alone without her family. She had been doing it for over two years now. Ouran was really taking a lot out of her.
She sat in front of the feuer fixing herself a nice warm cup of Coca before she went to defrost with some classic Weihnachten specials and a fire.
Once she fixed it the smell lingered through the house pleasingly. She sighed deeply “Just what I needed some peace and quiet, darn Tamaki senpai and his constant activities didn’t he know Weihnachten was a time with family and Friends a time of the loving embrace of those Du care about.
“I suppose Tamaki and the others have a difficult time spending it with family when they are at work sucked in their own lives.” She looked down at her cup and sighed sadly “I can’t even think of a Weihnachten without my mom not being there except when she died.”
Haruhi tried to relax her mind “I miss Du mom, I wish Du were here.”
Setting her cup of hot Coca she stood up and went to her mother’s memorial to say a prayer.
“Oh mom, I wonder how your Weihnachten is doing. Good is what I hope.”
“Here’s some Süßigkeiten for Du mom Haru-chan.” Haruhi jumped to see all the host members behind her praying right along.
“How did Du guys get in here?”
Kaoru and Hikaru pointed to the door “It was unlocked.”
They weren’t in their costumes but in sweaters and jeans as if they had never had an event.
“But I thought Du guys were at the event.” Tamaki shook his head “Nonsense it was only temporary plus the Sekunde we noticed Du were gone we came right away.”
Haruhi smiled lightly “That’s actually quite nice Du guys thanks for dropping by.”
Hikaru cocked an eyebrow “What are Du talking about we’re not going anywhere.”
Haruhi sighed “What do Du mean this is my house, Du have to leave.” Honey senpai held a gift basket full of miscellaneous treats and candies of all sorts “But I got this for Du Haru-chan.”
“Ahem.” The other host members intersected.
“We all did.” Honey corrected.
Haruhi held it “This thing is loaded it weighs like a ton.” Tamaki laughed lightly “I doubt that, it’s probably just because you’re a girl.” Haruhi scowled and threw it at his head knocking him to the ground.
Hikaru and Kaoru fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter “The boss had that one coming.”
Kyoya pressed his glasses up on his nose “That basket Du see cost at least 2,000 yen.”
If Haruhi had inhaled any air she was almost guaranteed to choke on it “t-two two thou-thousand-d?” she sputtered.
Hikaru and Kaoru cocked an eyebrow “Yeah so what about it, it’s Weihnachten it was the least we could do.”
Haruhi didn’t know what to say.
“We care about Du Haruhi, this is but a mere offering of your services from the host club.” Tamaki smiled.
Haruhi brimmed with soft tears.
Every member watched sympathetically “Oh Haruhi.”
Kaoru and Hikaru hugged her “Aww it’s okay Haruhi we didn’t mean to make Du cry we just wanted to get Du something small.”
Haruhi shook her head “That’s not it.”
Honey was confused along with Tamaki and the twins “It’s not.” The four asked in unison.
“No, the fact that Du guys care about me like this reminds me of my mom.”
Kyoya as harsh and evil as he may seem “Haruhi we owe everything to Du without your support we have went under a long time Vor Du are easily the center of this host club.”
“Yeah you’re so sweet, like candy.” Honey added.
“Not to mention the cutest and funniest girl we know.” The twins complimented.
Tamaki scolded the twins a bit and put his impute “And Du got quite the arm there.” Haruhi chuckled softly “Yeah I suppose being a guy for two years helps.”
The group laughed happily.
For the rest of the night that Weihnachten eve the host club all engaged in games twins rubbing their winnings in Tamaki’s face, Baking kekse, cookies which Honey of course enjoyed, watching Weihnachten Filme which Kyoya Kommentiert on, and dancing and Singen to classic Weihnachten carols.
It had easily been the best Weihnachten Haruhi had since her mother past away.

MissyBlackStar thanks Du and wishes Du all a merry Weihnachten eat plenty of cookies***