As many of Du are dreaming about, Ouran season 1 has ended and Fans have been craving for a season 2 for a VERY long time. If some of Du researched Du could have come across the fact that considering the Manga just ended not to long Vor their is much Mehr that a Sekunde season could grant to its fans. Petitions are being signed and everything which could influence a change of herz to Bones but does not mean it will be 100%. Keep in mind that for a Sekunde season we wont have it for months oder even years IF it would be made. Another interesting fact I have come across is the following, if Du observe the release dates of both the Anime and the Manga Du will realize a pattern. For example, when volume 6 was released in 2005 in Japan it marked where season 1 of the Anime would have ended. Nearly a Jahr later is when they aired the first episode of the anime. Now looking at volume 18, it was released in April, 2011 in Japan. Now, since it took nearly a Jahr for a 26 episode season from the first 6 volumes it would mean it could take up to 2 years for the release of the Sekunde and possibly third season of OHSHC. This might just be my thoughts on the subject but if this is correct, the first episode of season 2 might air sometime mid-2013! Like I just sagte it is a theory but I for one would Liebe a continuation considering season 1 ended so abruptly. And with the ending of season 1 it could be easy to continue on with the Weiter one. Keep in mind if this does happen only the Japanese version would be released in 2013 and could take another Jahr at the maximum for the english dubbed. Please dont leave any Kommentare that lower peoples thoughts, I just thought of this and would Liebe a Sekunde season!