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Die Fanauswahl: Oprah Winfrey Zeigen
Oprah Winfrey Zeigen
Justin Bieber konzert
Die Fanauswahl: oprah
Ellen DeGeneres
Die Fanauswahl: No, she is a role model and hero, Wird angezeigt how African American women can succeed
No, she is a role model and...
Yes, she has been working with...
Die Fanauswahl: No, I didn't!
Die Fanauswahl: Yes, I like it! (icon is Oprah's character)
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OakTown_Queen sagte …
Happy Birthday! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
tchil sagte …

I have grown up watching you. I think Du are great. I am so glad Du found weight watchers. I have done weight watchers since I easy in my late 30. Of course I have my times where I have stopped but always go back to weight watchers. Right now I use me fit bit but I use weight watchers method. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Floww1976 sagte …
Oprah, Hi. My name is Joe. I watch u consistently. I see u doing these Weight Watchers commercials and I commend u for that. But here is what I was thinking. If u weren't so fucking FAT to begin with u would not have that problem 2 begin with. Me I am 5'9 and I weighed in at one point 255 and now I am 182. And that is without any kind of help whatsoever. U on the other hand got to get some kind of help and that's pathetic. And Von the way JERRY SPRINGER knocks Du in the dirt. JERRY,JERRY,JERRY gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr