One baum hügel One baum hügel has changed. Most ppl find it worse, while some Liebe it as much as the Zurück seasons. What do Du think is the main reason for this?

Pick one:
The characters "growing up"; the 4-yr timejump.
The Schreiben shifted from shock value as opposed to good storytelling.
Too much focus on the secondary characters.
The core 5 (or 3, LOL) didn't have storylines involving ONE ANOTHER.
Lucas and Peyton leaving.
The writers' obsession over happy endings.
The writers' inability to come up with "better" and "new" drama.
The writers' obsession over making a couple ~epic~.
The writers' inability to follow through a brilliant SL.
The Zeigen changed for the better.
 brattynemz posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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