One baum hügel What was the funniest line from Messin with the kid? ( please add your own if i forgot any)

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Well I'm gonna call her a hündin and push her..-Nathan
Sorry i dont remember ordering bad italian-Brooke
I have never seen anybody yell at it before-Peyton
My friend Brooke Davisblow in through my class like windSam, in trouble-Hales
I'd Liebe to Mitmachen Du for drinks.. but I have too go meet my parole officer Murder
Lucas loves him some Fergielicious-Fergie
"I'll bet Du are! being brooke davis is EXHAUSTING! I miss angie. -Brooke
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If I didn't have a cape, I couldn't do this- Nathan
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everybody says we are like twins - Lucas
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Milli, what are Du doing in Omaha - Mouth (her...
Milli, what are Du doing in Omaha - Mouth (her face was the best)
All of the above
All of the above
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