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The Tag after graduation, Peyton was supposed to fly to LA with Brooke to spend their summer together. Lucas got Cure tickets the Tag after to spend one last Tag with Peyton whileas Brooke spent Mehr time with her boyfriend at the time, Chase. Peyton soon leaves for LA and Lucas spends his time at home, helping his mother take care of his new sister, Lily. Lucas then goes to college with Nathan and Haley. Lucas and Peyton go days without speaking and only trade a few e-mails. Peyton was supposed to come see Lucas at a championship game that Lucas coached with Whitey. Peyton couldn't go because...
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Lucas thanked God for his silver umwandelbar, konvertierbar, cabrio as he sped down the highway, dodging any oversized cars that got in his way.

He was pushing eighty, and if he had to, he’d get to a hundred. He just needed Brooke to know that he loved her- that he would never hurt her. He had to get to her, before it was too late. Before he’d lose her completely.

Then again, he could have already Lost her.

Shaking his head, he coiled his hands tightly around the wheel. No. No, he hadn’t Lost her. He couldn’t have. He just needed to take drastic measures. And then everything would go back to normal.

Normal. Lucas...
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