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oth_leyton_tla posted on Jun 23, 2010 at 06:34PM
Hey fellow OTH fans!
Basically I saw this on a glee forum and thought that we could give it a try as OTH is extremely influenced by Music!

All you have to do is choose a song which you think is best to describe either a couple/character/friendship etc and we could maybe do rounds. It depends what all you think of the idea. Your opinions and feedback would be much appreciated.

I.How to enter :
Enter a name of the song, with artist include. And must have a video or picture of the artist, the song, or the couple..

II. About the pick :
- I'll set the due for 1-3 days, and you guys have that much time to think of a song to compete.
- The pick will last for 1-3 days
- You're allow to summit ONE IDEA/ round. You're allow to join all round
- The winner of the round will be add on the Result board.The way to award them is we are going to give prop to them.

Any question about how this work. Just ask :D

Full credit for the idea goes to ranstell2703


Round 1: Nathan & Haley- Love Story by Taylor Swift {Nibylandija}

Round 2: Lucas & Peyton- She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 {energizerbunny}

Round 3: Brooke & Julian- You Found Me by The Fray {oth_leyton_tla}

Round 4: Brooke & Lucas- In Another Life by The Veronicas {ns_23}

Round 5: Peyton Sawyer- Beautifully Broken by Ashlee Simpson {LilyRoeScott}

Round 6: Lucas Scott- Hot & Cold by Katy Perry {energizerbunny]

Round 7: Nathan Scott- This is why I'm hot by Mims {ns_23}

Round 8: Haley James Scott- I shall believe by Sheryl Crow {oth_leyton_tla}

Round 9: Brooke Davis- Prettygirl by Sugar Cult {bruliangurl}

Round 10: Jake & Peyton

Round 11: Season 1
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